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Foxfire movie review

Foxfire (1996) – Foxfire (1996) – User Reviews – IMDb

"Foxfire" is about a group of high school girls who are empowered by a mysterious rebel (Angelina Jolie) who drifts into their lives. That itself is a great theme, and I love a good rebel story as much as the next guy or gal. But this isn’t a straightforward "go girl power" flick.

foxfire is the name given to a secret society of high-school girls determined to fight back against sexual abuse and day-to-day sexism; they are led by the charismatic legs (raven …

Foxfire – Rotten Tomatoes

Official Site:

Foxfire R 1996, Drama/Lgbtq+, 1h 40m 33% Tomatometer 12 Reviews 65% Audience Score 10,000+ Ratings Where to watch Rent/buy Subscription Rent/buy Foxfire Photos View All …

In Their Own League Feb 13, 2022 Foxfire, based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates, is one of the best universal coming-of-age stories for young women and women in general. The …

FAQ foxfire movie review

Are there any critic reviews for Foxfire?

There are no critic reviews yet for Foxfire. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! There are no featured reviews for Foxfire because the movie has not released yet (). There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

What is the message of Foxfire?

Foxfire puts across a message rarely seen in American cinema - one that emphasizes the importance of teenage girls forming close friendships in order to assist their development into well-adjusted adults.

What do you think about Jennifer Aniston in Foxfire?

She is a fabulous, beautiful actress, and is naturally impressive in "Foxfire" too. But this is one of those plots that requires all adults to be morons, all men to be horrible, all the cheerleaders to actually prance around school in thier outfits ALL THE TIME, and all characters to be stereotypes that go down the most ridiculous paths possible.

What is the movie Firefox about?

The movie works like a well-crafted machine, and it's about a well-crafted machine. The “Firefox” of the title is a top-secret Russian warplane capable of flying six times the speed of sound while remaining invisible on radar.

"Foxfire" (1996) – Portland at the Movies Review

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