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First daughter movie review

First Daughter movie review & film summary (2004) | Roger Ebert

First Daughter (2004) Rated PG for language, sexual situations and alcohol-related material 105 minutes Cast Katie Holmes as Samantha Marc Blucas as James Lansome Amerie as Mia Michael Keaton as President Mackenzie Margaret Colin as Melanie Mackenzie Lela Rochon Fuqua as Liz Pappas Michael Milhoan as Agent Bock Hollis Hill as Agent Colvin

First Daughter PG 2004, Romance/Comedy, 1h 45m 8% Tomatometer 86 Reviews 42% Audience Score 50,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus First Daughter is a bland and charmless fairy tale that…

First Daughter (2004) – User Reviews – IMDb

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First Daughter tries to be a serious film with a PG-13 rating, still it lacks an audience older than 13. A more serious film with less fantasy could have made a better movie. Instead, First Daughter starts where Chasing Liberty left off.

FIRST DAUGHTER centers on Samantha (Katie Holmes), the daughter of the President (Michael Keaton) who is just starting college as her father is running for re-election. She is looking forward to the freedom of being "just like everyone else" for the first time. But Sam’s not like everyone else.

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What is the movie first daughter about?

First Daughter is a bland and charmless fairy tale that fails to rise above the formula. Read critic reviews Samantha MacKenzie (Katie Holmes), the daughter of the president of the United States (Michael Keaton), arrives at college with a group of Secret Service agents.

Does first daughter have a redeeming factor?

Perhaps the only redeeming factor is that both the President and the First Lady are devoted to their daughter. Otherwise, this film should be impeached. November 17, 2006 | Rating: .5/4 | Full Review… Sweet but unremarkable, First Daughter is never quite as cute as its star.

How can I relate to Anne Frank in the movie first daughter?

I can relate to her in the movie First Daughter because like her when I was living at home with my parents I wanted freedom and I wanted to go out and show the world that I was capable of and not just a Daddy and Mommy's girl who would always live at home. I wanted to go off to college to do that.

Who is Samantha MacKenzie in first daughter?

First Daughter follows the travails of one Samantha Mackenzie (Holmes) as she breaks away from her dad (Michael Keaton) and starts college.

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