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Fire in the sky movie review

Fire In The Sky movie review & film summary (1993)

Fire In The Sky. Roger Ebert March 15, 1993. Tweet. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. "Fire in the Sky" tells another one of those stories about an innocent human victim who is abducted into an alien spacecraft and …

Fire In The Sky is a frightening movie. It is a frightening thought that this could happen to us, and it is disturbing to think that this may have happened to some people already. I had clouded thoughts and opinions about aliens before seeing this film. But after the movie I was compelled to do my own research about apparent alien abductions and such.

Fire in the Sky – Rotten Tomatoes

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Fire in the Sky was really well-done and is probably one of the best alien movies I’ve ever seen. The entire flashback of Walton’s on-board experience was great and the fact that it wasn’t totally…

Fire in the Sky is grim. I’m not sure why director Robert Lieberman chose to fashion his movie like this, but the result is distinctly unpleasant — dark, gloomy settings with harshly disagreeable characters and no sign of anything remotely resembling comic relief. 25. Miami Herald Rene Rodriguez.

FAQ fire in the sky movie review

What is the movie Fire in the sky about?

"Fire in the Sky" tells another one of those stories about an innocent human victim who is abducted into an alien spacecraft and subjected to bizarre medical experiments before being dumped back on Earth.

Is the movie Fire in the sky worth a watch?

"Fire in the Sky" can be appreciated only if you are into UFO movies, and if you like scary alien abduction scenes. The film is based on the allegedly true story of Travis Walton's alien abduction. After seeing the film, and becoming extremely interested in the subject, I read the book by Travis.

How close is fire in the sky to what actually happened?

Normally, when that's written, what you see on screen is about as far away to what actually happened as you can possibly get. However, 'Fire in the Sky' is almost quite close to what really happened (obviously, if you believe what the story is all about).

Who was the lead investigator in the movie Fire in the sky?

The lead investigator in this missing person/homicide case was Lt. Frank Watters (James Garner), a big city detective with a 100% clearing record who also didn't believe the fish tale. "Fire in the Sky" was more of a curiosity than it was a compelling movie.

FIRE IN THE SKY: The Best Alien Abduction Thriller You've Never Seen

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