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Finding your feet movie review

Finding Your Feet movie review (2018) | Roger Ebert

Finding Your Feet. When it comes to senior-bait cinema that glorifies the act of seizing the day and taking second chances in one’s golden years, actors who hail from the United Kingdom are, in my semi-humble opinion, far …

Finding Your Feet PG-13 2017, Comedy/Drama, 1h 51m 70% Tomatometer 88 Reviews 56% Audience Score 500+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Finding Your Feet wears its heart on its sleeve,…

Finding Your Feet review – starry cast save creaky …

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Comedy films Finding Your Feet review – starry cast save creaky golden-years Britcom Imelda Staunton and Celia Imrie play sisters forced to live under the same roof in a feelgood but frustrating…

26 February 2018 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Finding Your Feet. This is a great film about growing older and learning to enjoy it. It’s a film with happiness, sadness, joy and disappointment.

FAQ finding your feet movie review

Is ‘Finding Your Feet’ a good movie?

Assembled by the numbers and filmed (by John Pardue) as if it matters, “Finding Your Feet” boasts an embarrassingly on-the-nose soundtrack and plot twists you can see coming without your bifocals.

What do you think of finding your feet?

'Finding Your Feet' is my kind of film, being British myself, being very fond of a lot of the cast, loving feel-good films and the story was one that interested me on paper. The trailer also looked good and generally the British do feel good with comedy and drama mixes brilliantly.

What is your review of unfinished song by finding your feet?

"Unfinished Song" (2013) is everything that "Finding Your Feet" wants to be. Finding Your Feet plays as if it's ripped straight from the Miramax reject pile circa 1994. The bright and funny first half examines issues affecting older people which are often ignored; the second half feels familiar and manipulative.

What is the plot of finding your feet (2018)?

A late-life marriage break-up, two deaths, two funerals, and dementia might sound serious but they are perfect comedic fodder in Finding Your Feet (2018), a gentle British rom-com laced with upper-class ridicule and feminist self-discovery.

Finding Your Feet | Movie Review | MovieBitches Ep 189

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