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Final destination 5 movie review

Final Destination 5 Movie Review – The Times of India

WebMovie Review: The Final Destination films may be pure kitsch with their grotesque celebration of the carnival of death, nevertheless, they have a faithful following amongst patrons of gore. Once again, the film primarily focuses on the sundry ways death can strike. And rest assured, the more bizarre, the better….

Web Powered by JustWatch. "Final Destination 5" is one of those rare movies where the title itself is a spoiler. Yes, everyone in the movie dies, except for Coroner Bludworth. But you knew that because of the previous …

Final Destination 5 (2011) – Final Destination 5 (2011)

Official Site:

Web They are very scary, very inventive in terms of being bold and elaborate and surprisingly witty. They are also quite gory, but not gratuitously so or in a way where it’s overused and …

WebFinal Destination 5 won’t be known for any stellar performances, but first-time feature director Steven Qualye can rest assured he scared the daylights out his …

FAQ final destination 5 movie review

Is Final Destination 5 as good as the Final Destination 3?

After wearing off and becoming stale in 'The Final Destination', despite the more of the same structure, 'Final Destination 5' shows the novelty returning and being refreshed and refined. It's as good as the previous three and a huge improvement over 'The Final Destination'. 'Final Destination 5' isn't perfect.

Is the first final destination movie worth watching?

While it was not a great or perfect film (particularly in the dialogue, ending and some of the acting), the first 'Final Destination' was entertaining and effective (especially with its terrific opening plane sequence and the creative deaths) with a fascinating idea done well.

Who are the actors in Final Destination 5?

"Final Destination 5" features Nicholas D'Agosto as the main protagonist with Emma Bell as his blonde girlfriend. Tom Cruise lookalike, Miles Fisher, is also on hand while Ellen Wroe plays the gymnast. Meanwhile Tony Todd returns as the creepy coroner who seems to know more about the situation than he should.

Is'Final Destination 5'worth a watch?

Visually, 'Final Destination 5' is atmospheric and stylish. The music is suitably eerie and the direction shows a grasp and understanding of the genre and the ability to breathe life and freshness to a formula that should have been fatigued by now. In the acting stakes, it fares favourably too.

Final Destination 5 movie review

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