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Fantastic 4 movie review

Fantastic Four (2005) – User Reviews – IMDb

Fantastic Four reminds of the quirkiness superhero films were once predicated upon, and while it may get a bit too corny at times, and its focus can never really settle, it’s also a very commercial film that satisfies on some level of entertainment when it gives every card in its deck a fair time to shine.

Fantastic Four offers a series of "origin story" scenes, in which the four heroes’ individual interests and anxieties are established, with much attention to movie and product franchising. While it should be accelerating with spiffy action and smart repartee, Tim Story’s movie becomes increasingly incoherent.

Fantastic Four (2015) – User Reviews – IMDb

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Fantastic Four is a film very much out of time and place in today’s market of superhero movies. Ten or fifteen years ago a studio might have been able to get away with it but not today. Audiences like to be entertained and with the competition offering much more excitement, I don’t see audiences taking to this, at all.

Fantastic Four (2015) Movie review by Sandie Angulo Chen, Common Sense Media Common Sense says age 12+ Disappointing adventure wastes talented cast, gets bloody. PG-13 2015 106 minutes Save Rate movie Parents say age 12+ Based on 20 reviews Kids say age 12+ Based on 46 reviews Watch or buy Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.

FAQ fantastic 4 movie review

What is the most popular Fantastic Four movie?

Fantastic Four 2005 is 27% Rotten, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is the series' high point at 37% Rotten, while Fantastic Four 2015 is the nadir at 9% Rotten. In 2019, Disney bought 20th Century Fox so that the Fantastic Four's movie rights are finally under the auspices of Marvel Studios.

Is Fantastic Four a critically well received film?

Even on Metacritic, the other notable review aggregator, Fantastic Four sits with an average review score of 27/100 with only one (1) review out of 37 scoring higher than 50/100. "Rarely are films of this size critically well received. This is not a movie we're going to go on Rotten Tomatoes and it's going to be at 80 or 90 per cent."

What is the run time of Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four (or as many call it Fant4stic) is a comic book movie starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Directed by Josh Trank, was produced by Twenty-First Century Fox, and has the run-time of 100mins (1hr40mins). This is the 4th movie (and 3rd theatrical one) in the Fantastic Four Franchise.

How do you feel about Fantastic Four (2005)?

Sign in to vote. Fantastic Four (2005) is a charming movie that has a lot of that early 2000's flair to it, and unlike its 2015 counterpart, the characters actually seemed real and you could believe that giant rock man was walking around. As for plot, it could be a little bit more straightfoward, but it doesn't throw me off.

Fantastic Four – Movie Review

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