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Fandry marathi movie review

Fandry Movie Review – The Times of India

Review: Jabya (Somnath Awghade) is a teenager who falls in love with his classmate Shalu (Rajeshwari Kharat). But Jabya belongs to the kaikadi (untouchable) caste while Shalu belongs to an upper caste and this prevents him from expressing his love due to the existent caste system in their orthodox village.

After sweeping awards in every possible category at film festivals, Fandry released not only in Maharashtra but also reached a national audience with PVR Director’s Rare as its vehicle. The film has an exhaustive climax which definitely deserved a sharper edit. It made me restless and I wanted Jabya to let go of his resentment sooner.

Film Review: Fandry, A Tale Of Transgenerational …

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Film Review: Fandry, A Tale Of Transgenerational Resistance Against Caste Oppression By Mansi Bhalerao – September 30, 2021 1547 6 min read The Marathi film Fandry is a debut film by Nagraj Manjule that categorically exemplifies the reality of caste in modern India.

quick review : Nagraj Manjule ‘s Fandry is a film to be proud of. Layered, nuanced and cleverly hidden away in a charming village setting is a scathing take on our tendency to divide ourselves into ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is also a film about dreams, and about how everyone has a right to have them. Read more Director: Nagraj Manjule

FAQ fandry marathi movie review

Why should you watch the Marathi film 'Fandry'?

The raw, rural Marathi dialect is tricky, so it helps that the film is subtitled in English. It also means that the film can reach a wider audience, particularly because it is one of the rare Marathi films to get a release outside Maharashtra as well. Fandry is a brutally honest film, one that makes you smile and brood equally.

What is the meaning of the movie Fandry?

Fandry is a story of his aspirations, quest, sorrows, anguish and frustrations. Fandry also touches upon the age old monster of Caste System which is still lurking large upon the society. — Anonymous The Director Nagraj Manjule had to convince Somnath Awaghade (Jabya) three months for this role.

What is the meaning of the movie Fandry by Rajkumar Rao?

The film has so many ironic situations that you are left thinking about how our society functions. Fandry is a slang word for pig and Kachru’s (Kishore Kadam who plays Jabya’s father) job is to catch pigs and do all the dirty work of the village.

What is the central theme of the story Fandry by Kriti Sanon?

It is about a teenager from a Dalit (Oppressed caste) family, who lives at the village fringe, and falls in love with an upper caste girl. Love, the most beautiful emotion in all living creatures that God has made knows no bar, caste or boundaries, is the central theme of Fandry. A young lad (Jabya) falls in love with his classmate.

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