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Extortion movie review

Extortion (2017) – Extortion (2017) – User Reviews – IMDb

the scenario"a fun trip go horribly wrong" had been done countless time before and is one of my favorite movie sub genre but if only it well directed and this movie extortion (2017) hit all the right note in my book.the movie told a story about a family man will do anything to get back his family when he get caught up in a deadly situation …

Extortion 2017 R 1 h 48 m IMDb RATING 6.2 /10 8.2K YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 14,637 2,017 Play trailer 2:11 1 Video 26 Photos Action …

Extortion (DVD) Review – An exceptionally tense and highly …

Official Site: https://www.criticalhit.net/entertainment/extortion-dvd-review-exceptionally-tense-highly-emotive-thriller/

Extortion is a story about Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey), who’s planned dream vacation with wife (Bethany Joi Lenz) and son to the Caribbean turns into his worst nightmare when a hired speedboat runs into problems on a remote island and they land up stranded with no food, water or way to contact the outside world.

An idyllic Caribbean holiday for Eion Bailey’s American heart surgeon’s and his wife and six-year-old son turns into a nightmare after their rented boat breaks down, stranding them on a remote island. And Barkhad Abdi ’s local fisherman, as the title Extortion suggests, isn’t exactly the saviour they wish for.

FAQ extortion movie review

What is the extortion movie?

The plot of Extortion is fairly original despite the fact that it kinda nods towards films like Cast Away and 1997's Breakdown. As it begins, your hunch tells you that something really bad is about to happen. Extortion involves a doctor, his wife, and his young tyke of a son. This parentage gets more than they bargain for.

How do you use the word extortion in a sentence?

An eminent heart surgeon takes his wife and son on a family holiday - think: caribbean or similar. On Day on, with NO mobile, no food and no water our husband hires a boat to do some touring and the boat then breaks down leaving them stranded until the "extortioner" shows up.

Is Eion Bailey in extortion?

Retrieved May 23, 2017. ^ Fleming, Mike Jr. (June 17, 2015). " 'Ray Donovan's Eion Bailey Set As 'Extortion' Lead". Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved May 23, 2017. ^ "AFM First Look: Eion Bailey Sizes Up Barkhad Abdi in 'Extortion' (Exclusive)".

Who is the extortionist in the movie Dr Riley?

The extortionist is played by Barkhad Abdi, who does a virtual re-enactment of his villain role in "Captain Phillips." In his attempt to save his wife and young son, Dr. Riley makes one mistake after another, leading him deeper and deeper into a hopeless situation.

Extortion Movie Review – Watch Or Not? (Quick Movie Review)

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