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Extinct movie review

Extinct (2021) – Extinct (2021) – User Reviews – IMDb

Spice it up with random appearances of people like Ernest Shackleton, the antarctic explorer, and you’ve got "Extinct". The animations are colourful and fresh. The story seems unnecessarily complicated, but it’s still catchy most of the time. The pacing is like most kids movies nowadays: fast and furious.

There’s a broad educational value due to the theme of extinction, though the film is far too fantastical and farcical for kids to learn too much about it. The movie is sometimes violent, but in a very slapstick way. There is a sociopathic villain who is determined to wipe out an entire species. But his actions are clearly defined as being wrong.

Extinct review – doughnut-shaped critters are an …

Official Site: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/aug/16/extinct-review-animation-family

Extinct review – doughnut-shaped critters are an evolutionary dead end It’s hard to imagine who will enjoy this convoluted animated tale of furry creatures called ‘flummels’ ‘Surreally baffling’ ……

Nov 17, 2021 It’s a real disappointment to watch Silverman fail to inject some sort of life into "Extinct," giving it something more than the day-old-bread vibe it currently has. Full Review |…

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Extinct (2021) Netflix Animated Movie Review

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