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Exodus movie review 1960

Exodus (1960) – Exodus (1960) – User Reviews – IMDb

Sadly, "Exodus" is not a masterpiece it is an overlong, heavy handed, and rather unimpressive movie that caused satirist Mort Sahl to say, "Otto, let my people go" as he watched the film’s 220-minute preview. Ironically, with all this running time, the best, the most inspirational parts of the book did not make it to the film.

Six hundred Jews are engineered by Ari and his aides into an escape aboard the Exodus, a freighter ship, before engaging in a lengthy hunger strike to protest the British …

Exodus (1960) – Otto Preminger | Review | AllMovie

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In its attempt to expose the marrow of the novel on which it is based, this film fails to penetrate the surface of its characters and the complexity of events motivating them. Jerking helter …

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FAQ exodus movie review 1960

What is the name of the movie in Exodus?

Exodus (1960 film) It was made by Alpha and Carlyle Productions and distributed by United Artists. Produced and directed by Otto Preminger, the film was based on the 1958 novel Exodus by Leon Uris. The screenplay was written by Dalton Trumbo. The film features an ensemble cast, and its celebrated soundtrack music was written by Ernest Gold .

Is there any room to criticize the film Exodus?

Variety declared, "There is room to criticize 'Exodus'—its length might be shortened to advantage; perhaps Preminger tried to crowd too much incident from the book for dramatic clarity, and some individual scenes could be sharpened through tighter editing. But the good outweighs the shortcomings.

Where was Exodus filmed?

Ari, Kitty, Dov, and a Palmach contingent board trucks, heading off to the battle . Exodus was filmed on location in Israel and Cyprus. However, relations between the director and actors were difficult, particularly with the male lead, Paul Newman.

Is exodus from the Bible history?

If you've read the book before seeing the film, Haworth's performance was all the more poignant. Unfortunately Exodus is not history because the war is still being fought by the Jewish people against those who would wish and do evil upon them. Would that it were just history.

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