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Eurotrip movie review

EuroTrip (2004) – EuroTrip (2004) – User Reviews – IMDb

Eurotrip is a free wheeling loose comedy with shades of American Pie and Road Trip to keep horny teenagers happy. Scott (Scott Mechlowitz) is dumped by his girlfriend on his graduation day who has been cheating on him with a singer in rock band (cameo by Matt Damon).

By turns ramshackle, shameless, comfortably predictable and smartly stuffed with zany detail, Eurotrip is a film that has a great sense of its own mission and aptitude. Full Review | Original…

Eurotrip – Rotten Tomatoes

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EuroTrip is satire at its most brazenly self-loathing and audaciously entertaining. If you took every road trip comedy ever made, ingested them, then bonged a bottle of ex-lax, this is what would…

It is supposed to be funny when someone gets fired because of his failure to do the job. The movie also has many offensive jokes. A character lies about someone being developmentally disabled in order to sneak into the Vatican. A German child with a Hitler-style black smudge over his lip marches in a Nazi goose-step.

FAQ eurotrip movie review

Is the movie Eurotrip better than road trip?

Although DreamWorks Pictures produced both "Eurotrip" and the far funnier "Road Trip" (2000), its quasi-predecessor of sorts, "Eurotrip" lacks "Road Trip's" audacious comedy, outlandish characters, and name-dropping cast.

Who are the actors in the movie Eurotrip?

Written and directed by Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer, Eurotrip is a teen comedy from the Montecito Picture Company (makers of similar movies Old School and Road Trip). Mainstream teenager Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) forms an online friendship with German student Mieke in order to get a passing grade in his high school German class.

What is EuroTrip?

Essentially, "Eurotrip" consists of a succession of mildly vulgar vignettes loosely strung together about a quartet of intrepid American high school seniors who cross the Atlantic and run amok in Europe.

What is your review of'EuroTrip'?

'Eurotrip' is a high-energy, thoroughly entertaining comedy in its own right, one that needs no backhanded compliments or half-hearted apologies to detract from its very genuine virtues. 1 out of 4 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?

Eurotrip Movie Review – Could This Be The Funniest Movie Ever Made?

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