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Eragon movie review: is a film analysis done by one person or a group of people expressing their thoughts on the film. A movie review is unique in that it does not simply evaluate the film but also expresses very specific opinions that form the basis of the Eragon movie review.

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Eragon movie review

Eragon (2006) – Eragon (2006) – User Reviews – IMDb

Well eragon is entertaining claptrap at best, but as a motion picture it suffers from wooden acting and an very cheesy screenplay. Even some of the effects are low-par. There is also some shocking continuity and plot holes. Is Eragon a cheap rip-job to make some money in the wake of the fantasy craze, yep.

For a movie about flying dragons, ERAGON is disappointingly flatfooted. With plot points borrowed from a range of other movies — whether …

Eragon – Rotten Tomatoes

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Eragon PG 2006, Kids & family/Fantasy, 1h 43m 16% Tomatometer 126 Reviews 46% Audience Score 250,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Eragon …

Eragon – Movie Reviews. 88%. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: Season 1. 75%. Tales of the Walking Dead: Season 1. No Score Yet. Power Book III: Raising Kanan: Season 2. 100%. …

FAQ eragon movie review

Is Eragon a good movie?

Eragon is a fantasy epic that lacks any magic, brought down to earth by unconvincing world-building and a litany of stars who seem bemused by the material. Read critic reviews Eragon (Ed Speleers), a poor farm boy, lives in Alagaesia, a kingdom ruled by Galbatorix (John Malkovich), a powerful but evil monarch.

How much did Eragon cost to make?

Eragon’s budget was around $100 million and the movie grossed a worldwide total of $250,400,000, which made it the 16th highest-grossing movie of 2006 worldwide; with a domestic total of $75 million, Eragon was the 31st highest-grossing film of 2006 in the United States.

What is the book Eragon about?

Eragon ( 2006) Eragon. In his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon's egg -- a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realizes he's the one person who can defend his home against an evil king.

Why was Eragon not as successful as 20th Century Fox expected?

The prerequisite was, of course, the success of Eragon but 20th Century Fox really counted on the movie being successful. And with everything set for a box office hit, Eragon was met with lukewarm (that’s a euphemism) reception by both fans and critics and the success Fox had hoped for was not anywhere near.

Eragon: How Not to Start a Film Franchise

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