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Equaliser movie review

The Equalizer Movie Review – The Times of India

The Equalizer: Denzel Washington’s interview Photos McCall then almost leaves quietly but then he stops at the door, assesses the tense situation and the slick, sick violence that follows would make even a Tarantino proud – especially with the way McCall uses a champagne corkscrew as a weapon.

If "The Equalizer" lacks gravitas, it is fairly sturdy as far as pure entertainment goes—and the actor takes his stealth vigilante as seriously as he does his Oscar-nominated performances in "Flight" or " Malcolm X ," pulling out …

The Equalizer (2014) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0455944/reviews

Arguably Fuqua’s best film since ‘Training Day’, ‘The Equalizer’ is a brutal and merciless tale that explores the Russian underworld on the East Coast and the corruption ties within the law enforcement of Boston’s police department. 247 out of 338 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8/10 Great movie

Even though the film loses its focus and wanders off the track in the middle, it is held together by Washington’s charisma and screen presence. The Oscar-winning actor (for Training Day) makes up for the film’s flaws with a subtle and layered dramatic performance.

FAQ equaliser movie review

Is the equalizer a good movie?

Directed by the great Antoine Fuqua, the man who brought us Training Day, The Equalizer is a gritty and violent, suspenseful and superb action film. This movie is very character-driven, and Denzel Washington, who plays protagonist Robert McCall, gives another stellar performance.

What is the opening scene of the equalizer?

Antoine Fuqua's big screen adaptation of the 80′s TV series The Equalizer opens with an impressive tracking shot through an open window, and into the orderly and near empty apartment, belonging to Robert McCall (Denzel Washington). McCall lives a Spartan existence; for the first twenty minutes of the picture, he hardly says a word.

Is George Washington’s ‘The Equalizer’ directed by Antoine Fuqua?

Neither Washington nor director Antoine Fuqua —whose previous collaborations have included the original “ The Equalizer ,” “ Training Day ” and the remake of “ The Magnificent Seven ”—seem willing to do much of anything more than simply go through the motions in exchange for their paychecks, it is the furthest thing from personal for them.

Is the equalizer better than Bond?

Though there are great choreographed fights, special effects and fantastic explosions, The Equalizer is more Bourne than Bond. Denzel Washington portrays this ex-CIA operative, who is content to live a meticulously simple life. Quietly contained, but with ever-building intensity, Washington turns in another stellar performance.

The Equalizer – Movie Review

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