Endrendrum punnagai movie review

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Endrendrum punnagai movie review

Endrendrum Punnagai Movie Review – Times of India

Endrendrum Punnagai feels like a three-act play, with each act in a different genre. The first half plays out like a buddy comedy with cheers and …

Even as he falls in love with her, he tries to uncover the mystery behind her present state… Movie Review: For a movie that has romance, murder, supernatural elements and even Christian imagery, Endrendrum is quite bland.

Endrendrum Punnagai (2013) – Endrendrum Punnagai …

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Endrendrum Punnagai is a colorful and delightful film that should be watched by everyone. Highly recommended. Overall: 7.8/10 (74%) 3 out of 4 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10/10 Underrated srisridge 12 October 2021 Best comedy must watch movie for comedy lover a big feast for them.

The plot of Endrendrum Punnagai is said to be inspired from a few real life incidents that Director Ahmed came across. While in the writing stage of the script he felt actor Jeeva would be the most apt person for the role of the protagonist and approached him for the same. Jeeva without hesitancy accepted the role. Connections

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Are there any reviews for Endrendrum Punnagai?

There are no featured reviews for Endrendrum Punnagai because the movie has not released yet (). There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review.

What is the plot of Endrendrum Punnagai?

One day, Sri and Baby decide to get married, which angers Gautham, who bans them from seeing him again. Meanwhile, Gautham gets closer to Priya and soon, he starts having feelings for her. But his ego stands in the way. Endrendrum Punnagai feels like a three-act play, with each act in a different genre.

Did you know that Jeeva accepted the role of Jiiva in Endrendrum Punnagai?

Jeeva without hesitancy accepted the role. Director I Ahmed's Endrendrum Punnagai starring Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam and Andrea Jeremiah is a beautiful film that deals with friendship, romance and the special bond between a father and his son.

Endrendrum Punnagai Review – Tamil Talkies

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