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Ek hasina thi movie review

Ek Hasina Thi (2004) – User Reviews – IMDb

EK HASINA THI (2004) : Brief Review – A very good one line Revenge Drama noniridescently known as a Thriller. Ek Hasina Thi is like a open book from the first scene, there are no backdrops or unknown thrilling facts. It’s the same woman’s revenge formula which was cracked almost 6 decades ago in Hollywood and 2-3 decades ago in Bollywood.

Ek Hasina Thi Movie Review 2004 : Ek Hasina Thi Critics Rating 3/5. Ramgopal Varma. The name is synonymous with films with substance. The name also corresponds with films that rebel against the …

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Official Site: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/movie-reviews/ek-haseena-thi-ek-deewana-tha/movie-review/59367550.cms

Review: Reincarnation films in Bollywood straddle the real and the supernatural worlds, and are usually love or revenge stories. But Ek Haseena …

Ek Hasina Thi – movie review by Alok Kumar – Planet Bollywood Ek Hasina Thi Producer: Ram Gopal Varma Director: Sriram Raghavan Starring: Urmila Matondkar, Saif Ali Khan, Seema Biswas Music: – Lyrics: Genre: Suspense Recommended Audience: Parental Guidance Approximate Running Time: 120 mins Film Released on: 19 January 2003

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What is your review of Ek Hasina Thi?

EK HASINA THI is not your typical Bollywood movie: there's no musical numbers, the violence is realistic and it looks modern enough. What's amazing is EK HASINA THI succeeds were many Hollywood produced films fail. Films like KILLING ME SOFTLY, which made me laugh nonstop, looks like a complete joke compared to EK HASINA THI.

Who are the actors in the movie Ek Hasina Thi?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Ek Hasina Thi (English: There Was A Beautiful Woman) is a 2004 Indian neo-noir thriller film directed by Sriram Raghavan, produced by Ram Gopal Varma, and starring Urmila Matondkar and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles.

Is Ek Hasina Thi Sriram Raghavan's debut film?

"Ek Hasina Thi" is director Sriram Raghavan's debut film but you wouldn't be able to tell that after viewing this film. He puts other experienced Indian directors to shame with his debut film.

Is Ek Hasina Thi a remake of double jeopardy?

But while Durga was a pot-boiler Ek Hasina Thi is a very slickly made movie where there are no stereotypes. After watching the movie I am also relieved that the movie is NOT a remake of Double Jeopardy. It has some portion inspired by it and thats it. The film has a good story and a reasonably good screenplay.

EK HASINA THI Movie Review | एक हसीना थी | Netflix | Saif Ali Khan | Urmila Matondkar | Thriller

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