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Ed wood movie review

Ed Wood movie review & film summary (1994) | Roger Ebert

It takes a special weird genius to be voted the Worst Director of All Time, a title that Wood has earned by acclamation. He was so in love with every frame of every scene of every film he shot that he was blind to hilarious …

Audience Reviews for Ed Wood Leave it to Tim Burton to direct a film about the "wackiest" filmmaker of all time. But in all seriousness, Ed Wood may very well be the best directing job of Burton’s…

Ed Wood (1994) – Ed Wood (1994) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109707/reviews

The story of Edward D. Wood Jr. is tragic but the movie never becomes sad. It is the perfect homage and tribute to this unfortunate director. You can see by watching this movie that Tim Burton in a way really admires Wood’s life and his work. We get to see Wood as a filmmaker and as an individual.

ED WOOD is less a straight biography than glorified highlights and loving, nostalgic re-creations of Wood and his black-and-white era, with some bits (meeting Welles, a gala premiere of Plan 9) that are history not as it was, but as Wood wished it had been.

FAQ ed wood movie review

What is Ed Wood's role in the story?

In "Ed Wood," he gives us a hero who is not merely an outsider, but one who attracts even more desperate cases to himself.

Is Ed Wood based on a true story?

Movie Info. Ed Wood was a little known film-maker from the early 1950's who gained posthumous notoriety for his dreadful B-grade science fiction films in the mid-'80s. This film is producer/director Tim Burton's fictionalized portrait of Wood's strange, yet mediocre life and career.

Is Ed Wood dead or Alive?

Strangely enough (or not) "Ed Wood" died at the box office but as it happens more often than not, "Ed Wood" is more alive today than many of the greatest moneymakers of all time. Yes, that business of time never fails.

Could Ed Woods have thrived in America's theaters?

America's theaters hadn't been centralized and computerized, and you couldn't book 2,000 screens with a single keystroke, and Ed Woods could thrive.

Ed Wood – Tim Burton's Masterpiece

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