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Earth to echo movie review

Earth to Echo (2014) – User Reviews – IMDb

EARTH TO ECHO is a bit sentimental, but all Sci-Fi. A neighborhood in a small Nevada community is being altered to make space for a new freeway. Three young pals are facing their relationships going in different directions and want their last night together to be memorable.

Parents need to know that Earth to Echo is a family-friendly alien adventure that’s reminiscent of E.T. , The Goonies , and other films featuring …

Earth to Echo – Rotten Tomatoes

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Earth to Echo PG 2014, Adventure/Drama, 1h 29m 50% Tomatometer 128 Reviews 47% Audience Score 25,000+ Ratings What to know critics …

Echo can be entertaining in his reactions and the relationship between the boys at first feels organic and unforced. But there are a few illogical detours. What fuddy-duddy parents in this day and age spend an evening forcing their middle-school-age daughter to wear a pink prom-style party dress while tutoring her on etiquette?

Earth to Echo – Movie Review

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