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Earth movie review

Earth movie review & film summary (1999) | Roger Ebert

"Earth" is a film that sees that tragedy through the eyes of a group of friends in Lahore, then in India, now in Pakistan. There are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees, even a Christian or two. They have lived side-by-side since time immemorial, and the more idealistic think that situation can continue.

Earth G 2007, Documentary, 1h 30m 86% Tomatometer 94 Reviews 82% Audience Score 100,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus With its spectacular and extensive footage, Earth is both informative…

Earth (1998) – Earth (1998) – User Reviews – IMDb

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EARTH is a magnificent example of her gifts and while it may not be as visually luxurious or as touching as her subsequent WATER, it is a fine film that not only depicts a troubled time in India’s history, but also informs us of the intricacies of how people relate to each other – first as humans, second as religious sects.

Earth is generously studded with interviews in which Geyrhalter, off camera, inquisitively and intelligently probes the men and women (mainly men, mostly bearded and …

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What is your review of the movie in the Earth?

"In the Earth" is a film made for midnight showings. It's ominous, brutal, pretentious, and often stirring. Even though some sections feel rushed and it falls apart at the end, every part of it is memorable.

Is in the Earth a horror movie?

In the Earth's bleak kaleidoscope of horror is a hallucinogenic meditation on the residual pandemic fears that haunt humanity. Read critic reviews With headache-inducing visual effects and a plot that makes little to no sense, In the Earth is a horror movie that many fans of the genre will want to avoid.

What is the setting of the movie Earth?

A beautiful and haunting film, "Earth" is set in India during 1947, which saw independence granted and the Indian sub-continent divided between Muslim Pakistan and (largely) Hindu India.

Should Disney make a documentary for Earth Day?

Earth hits all the right notes, and if Disney corners the market on nature documentaries and creates an annual cinematic event of this caliber tied into Earth Day, so be it. January 26, 2011 | Full Review… the most heartwarming and amazing documentary that will make you have a different look on the earth.

Movie Review – Earth

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