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Durga movie review

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Durga Movie Review 2002 : Durga Critics Rating 1/5. 24 Frames’ DURGA, directed by Chekravarthy, tells the story of a young couple who are made scapegoats in a fierce gang war prevailing between …

S Durga is a difficult film to watch. And having watched it, it’s disturbing and stays with you for a while because it is disturbing real. In 2015, addressing the Women in the World Summit, Smriti…

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S Durga Review: With spontaneous dialogues and the night as the backdrop, S Durga offers a slice of reality, rather than a formulaic story Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s much talked about S Durga releases finally after a series of roadblocks.

S Durga movie review: This Sanal Kumar Sasidharan directorial stars Rajshri Deshpande and Kannan Nayar Follow Us Hindustan Times | By Priyanka Sundar, Chennai S Durga Director: Sanal Kumar…

FAQ durga movie review

What is your review of the film s Durga?

S Durga is not a mere film, but an abstract piece of art that has endless possible nuances that you can discover. The high point in the film is the juxtaposition of a festival that celebrates Goddess Durga and this mini-van with one Durga in it.

Who are the actors in the movie Durga?

Durga is a Tamil drama movie, directed by Raghava Lawrence. The cast of Durga includes Raghava Lawrence. ** Note: Hey! Would you like to share the story of the movie Durga with us? Please send it to us ( [email protected]) Rudhran Release Date: Raghava Lawrence’s Actio..

What are the conversations in S Durga story?

Like the director’s earlier movie, Ozhivudivasathe Kali, the conversations -- spontaneous, unpretentious and sharp - are the highlight here too. S Durga Story: A couple, Kabeer and Durga, are trying to elope, and hitch a ride in a car with a group of men, who don’t exactly have their best interests at heart.

Who are Kabeer and Durga?

The names of the duo are revealed to be Kabeer and Durga, which again raises eyebrows, but has little effect on the story. In fact, there is hardly a mention of the name Durga in connection with the Goddess, except that a deity fixed in the dashboard of the car is that of Durgadevi.


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