Drishyam malayalam movie review in english

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Drishyam malayalam movie review in english

Drishyam Movie Review {4.5/5}: Critic Review of

Drishyam is a remake of the Malayalam movie by the same title. The movie is nestled in a Goan village, the kind where everyone knows one- another. The protagonist is a middle-class Goan Vijay Salgaonkar ( Ajay Devgn) for whom his family’s well being is paramount.

Story: Inspired by Japanese crime-writer, Keigo Higashino’s novel The Devotion of Suspect X, Drishyam (translates as illusion) was originally adapted in Malayalam. That version went on to become a blockbuster, paving the way for copies. The latest is, Nishikant Kamat’s Bollywood adaptation that has adequate promise.

Drishyam (2015) – Drishyam (2015) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4430212/reviews

The script is good , and direction is also impressive. What makes Dhrishyam brilliant is that the unique performance of the lead actors. Mohanlal, famous for his flexible acting skills, dazzles as Georgekutty, a farmer-businessman who cares about his family through every event of the movie. Meena, Asha sarath were also good to watch.

Movie Review : Drushyam is an ode to classic style of filmmaking – clinical in its approach and hits just about the perfect notes to keep the audience hooked, without much gimmickry. One might argue that the story or the characters themselves in the film are too simple to warrant a closer look.

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DRISHYAM | Mohanlal | Malayalam | Movie Review!

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