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Drag me to hell movie review

Drag Me to Hell (2009) – User Reviews – IMDb

Still, Drag Me To Hell makes for a real entertaining night in by the fire. Enjoy a director making a film for himself as much as his fans, a sort of roots revisit if you like. But don’t expect a genre defining, or genre boosting, picture, because you may be a tad disappointed with the return. 7/10.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) has a loving boyfriend (Justin Long) and a great job at a Los Angeles bank. But her heavenly life becomes hellish when, in an effort to impress her boss, she denies …

Drag Me to Hell movie review & film summary (2009)

Official Site: https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=3c50543912bf3562JmltdHM9MTY2MDUzMjMzOSZpZ3VpZD1hY2Q1NjFjNy05OTJmLTRmYjMtODA0Mi1hNzFlMWJlZGY4ZmImaW5zaWQ9NTIxNg&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=35d3c668-1c46-11ed-911f-aa6405f69dde&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cucm9nZXJlYmVydC5jb20vcmV2aWV3cy9kcmFnLW1lLXRvLWhlbGwtMjAwOQ&ntb=1

Mrs. Ganush pushes Christine down to hell. "Drag Me to Hell" is a sometimes funny and often startling horror movie. That is what it wants to be, and that is what it is. After scaling the heights with "A Simple Plan" (1998) and slugging a home run with the "Spider-Man" franchise, it’s like Sam Raimi is taking some personal time and returning to …

Drag Me to Hell is mean, fun, nuts, and hilarious. Drag Me To Hell is pure horror heaven. There is nothing in here that resonates. It is a horror story as the most frightening cautionary tale, one …

FAQ drag me to hell movie review

What is your review of Drag Me to Hell?

"Drag Me to Hell" is a scary horror movie from Sam Raimi that successfully returns to this genre. The story and the screenplay with many twists are excellent, with a creepy atmosphere and great special effects. Loma Raver is gruesome and very frightening, and I startled many times along the feature.

What happened to the old woman in Drag Me to Hell?

However the old woman had passed away; Christine runs to Rham Jas that tells her that Lama will torment her for three days and then will drag her soul to hell. "Drag Me to Hell" is a scary horror movie from Sam Raimi that successfully returns to this genre.

Is 'Drag Me to Hell' tacky and cheesy?

All in all "Drag Me To Hell" is both tacky and cheesy, but that doesn't stop it from sending shivers down the spine. The screenplay is void of drag moments ensuring the audience get fright doses at regular intervals. Good utilisation of visual effects and the background score alleviate the visual experience.

Drag Me to Hell – Movie Review

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