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Downhill movie review

Downhill movie review & film summary (2020) | Roger Ebert

“Downhill” watches Billie and Pete grow farther and farther apart, with Pete failing to admit a shame that Ferrell sometimes hints at with a boyish frown. Rash, Faxon, and Armstrong eventually bring their couple to a grand …

Downhill R 2020, Comedy/Drama, 1h 25m 37% Tomatometer 211 Reviews 14% Audience Score 1,000+ Verified Ratings What to know critics consensus Fittingly named for a remake whose charms are dwarfed by…

Downhill (2020) – Downhill (2020) – User Reviews – IMDb

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4/10 The Hollywood remake of Force Majeure that nobody asked for… paul-allaer 17 February 2020 As "Downhill" (2020 release; 86 min.) opens, we get to know the Staunton family: Pete and Billie and their two boys have just arrived in the Alps for a ski vacation. The next day after some morning skiing, they head out for lunch on an outside terrace.

Downhill puts two titans of comedy into some supremely difficult situations, and the process of seeing them go through them is more rewarding than a straight-up comedy would have been. Full Review…

FAQ downhill movie review

Is ‘downhill’ a bad movie?

“Downhill” is a vacation-gone-wrong comedy that lives up to its ill-advised title. It stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell as a couple on an Alpine ski trip, which is not the worst premise.

Is the American version of downhill worth watching?

In contrast, the American ending doesn't feel as rich or as earned as its predecessor. Downhill is an accessible and funny remake that has some smart deviations from its source material to deliver its own version, and sometimes it feels like the filmmakers want to make a much more mainstream comedy.

Will Ferrell's downhill a remake?

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Downhill,” a remake of the Swedish dark comedy “Force Majeure.” Credit... When you purchase a ticket for an independently reviewed film through our site, we earn an affiliate commission.

When is downhill released in the UK?

Downhill is showing at the Sundance film festival and will be released in the US on 14 February and in the UK on 28 February.

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