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Down by law movie review

Down by Law movie review & film summary (1986)

"Down by Law" is a movie about cheap whiskey and black coffee, all-night drunks and lost jobs, and the bad times you can have with good-time girls. It tells the story of a pimp, an unemployed disc jockey and a bewildered Italian tourist and how they escape from jail and wind up slogging through the Louisiana bayous looking for a decent place to have breakfast.

Down by Law R 1986, Comedy, 1h 46m 87% Tomatometer 31 Reviews 94% Audience Score 10,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Funny, original, and thoroughly cinematic, Down by Law represents…

Down by Law (1986) – Down by Law (1986) – User …

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"Down by Law" is about three men who meet in a New Orleans prison, Zack, Jack, and Roberto (Tom Waits, John Lurie, and Roberto Benigni). Zack is a DJ who took $1000 to drive a car, but there was a body in the trunk. Jack is a pimp sent out to check out a new prospect who turns out to be underage, and the police are waiting.

Down By Law is effortlessly laidback, superbly elegant. Jarmusch made it look easy. It stars Tom Waits as Zack, the unemployed DJ fitted up for a crime he didn’t commit and finding himself in a…

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Is down by law a good film?

Down by Law rides a narrow line between amateur technique and professional brilliance, and is an extraordinary poetic fable. “Down by Law” is a crossroads film.

Who are the actors in down by law?

Down by Law follows three men, each from their own movie. Zack (Tom Waits) is from a movie about the blues. Jack (John Lurie) is from a noirish gangster film. Bob (Roberto Begnini) is from an unseen European film, but we can probably guess it is a comedy.

What is Jim Jarmusch's film down by law?

The website's consensus reads, "Funny, original, and thoroughly cinematic, Down by Law represents writer-director Jim Jarmusch at his most ingratiating and evocative." A reviewer for The New York Times called it a "fable of poetic density", with "extraordinary performances" by the three main actors. ^ | format = 16mm film "Down by Law".

What is the theme song of down by law?

The soundtrack also includes the original 1961 recording of Irma Thomas ' soul / R&B ballad " It's Raining ," credited as written by Naomi Neville. Benigni and Braschi's characters, who fall in love in the movie, dance to the song. Down by Law was entered into the 1986 Cannes Film Festival. It was dedicated to Pascale Ogier and Enzo Ungari.

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