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Doosukeltha movie review

Doosukeltha Movie Review – The Times of India

It was no easy task for Chinna to do the sting operation. He is hunted down by the minister’s goons and they take him for dead. He awakes in a hospital and is informed that a doctor Alekhya (Lanvanya) was the one who admitted him there. Out of the hospital, the man is on a mission – to track down Alekhya.

Doosukeltha: Directed by Veeru Potla. With Vishnu Manchu, Lavanya Tripathi, Mohammad Ali, Raghu Babu. Venkateswara Rao (Vishnu Manchu) and Alekhya (Lavanya Tripathi) met each other when they were children. But for Venkateswara’s mischief Alekhya and her mother had to leave their entire family. Many years later they met each other again in a different city. …

Doosukeltha Review | Telugu Review

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In the Movie Doosukeltha: Story begins in the village of Pichcheshwaram where in a rich family is headed by elder (Kota Srinivas Rao). In the same village, Chinna (Childhood Vishnu) and his low class agrarian family live. Kota’s brother (Nagineedu)’s son Sarweshwar Rao (Rao Ramesh) marries an inter caste girl and haves a baby Chinni (Childhood Lavanya Tripathi). …

‘Doosukeltha’ is a pretty routine commercial film. There is decent entertainment in the second half and family crowds will enjoy these sequences. However, a slow first half and mediocre songs bring down the overall experience a bit. The movie ends up being a one time watch. Rating – 3/5 Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru

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Who are the actors in the movie Doosukeltha?

Doosukeltha (English: I will surge ahead) is a 2013 Indian Telugu -language action comedy film directed by Veeru Potla. It stars Manchu Vishnu and Lavanya Tripathi, who made her debut in Andala Rakshasi.

What is the genre of Doosukeltha?

Doosukeltha is a film that follows commercial format of entertainment movies to a T. Plus points are Vishnu and entertainment in the second half." ^ a b "Vishnu Manchu's Doosukeltha to release on October 17". Retrieved 21 February 2014.

How much did the movie Doosukeltha earn at the box office?

The film was released on 17 October 2013 to over 900 screens. The film opened with 85–90% occupancy on the first day and earned ₹ 16.63 crore. On the film's first weekend, profits were approximately ₹ 357.5 million at the box office. Doosukeltha earned ₹350 million (US$4.6 million) in its first week.

Doosukeltha Cinemapicha Review

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