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Dj tamil movie review

Duvvada Jagannadham (DJ) Movie Review

DJ Movie Review / Duvvada Jagannadham Review: Director Harish Shankar has come up with quite a few interesting dialogues that can crack you up. One of them that has stayed with us is – Bejawada …

In this section, we are going to review the latest box office release. Story: When DJ Tillu falls in love with Radhika, an upcoming singer, his life turns topsy turvy over the course of a night. He…

DJ Review, Box Office Collection, Duvvada Jagannadham …

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DJ aka Duvvada Jagannadham has an interesting story that is about a police officer, who disguises himself as a Brahmin cook to investigate a case. The first half of the movie is entertaining and some songs, comedy and romance engage you. Last 20 minutes before the interval are just brilliant.

1 Video 54 Photos Action Comedy Crime Trained by a high profile cop, an encounter specialist masquerading as a Brahmin priest takes on a real estate crime organization after losing his uncle. Director Harish Shankar Writers Harish Shankar (story) A. Deepakraj (screenplay) Ramesh Reddy (screenplay) Stars Allu Arjun Pooja Hegde Rao Ramesh

FAQ dj tamil movie review

Is DJ Tillu (2021) a good movie?

The typical Hyderabadi dialect might be used to generate some fun moments in DJ Tillu but it’s so spot-on. The first half of the film is really fun and there are hardly any dull moments. But Radhika soon finds herself in midst of a crime and, of course, also drags in DJ Tillu.

What is the story of Jaganadham and DJ?

Dhuvvada Jaganadham (Allu Arjun) is a small time brahmin boy who goes against all odds and helps others. Seeing this quality of his, a high-profile cop (Murali Sharma) asks him to become DJ, a man who fights crime in disguise.

Who is DJ Tillu?

DJ Tillu, directed by Vimal Krishna and written by Siddhu Jonnalagadda, is one such film where you don’t want to question the process and instead, just relax and enjoy the ride. Bala Gangadhar Tilak aka DJ Tillu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) is a young Hyderabadi guy from the lanes of Malkajgiri.

What is your review of Allu Arjun’s film DJ (2021)?

On the whole, DJ is an out and out Allu Arjun film to the core. The star hero is a major attraction and carries the film with his energetic performance. Pooja Hegde’s glamor, good comedy, and some mass elements will go supremely well with the masses.

Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Movie Review in Tamil – Allu Arjun – Tamil Talkies

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