Desamuduru telugu movie review

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Desamuduru telugu movie review

Desamuduru (2007) – Desamuduru (2007) – User Reviews

I am big fan of Allu Arjun and he gives we fans an absolute treat. Though there is not much to show his acting, he shines in dances and fights with lot of energy and style. He sported a six pack body in this film and became the first hero in Telugu to sport a six pack. Hansika looked beautiful. Ali comedy entertains. Chakri songs are foot tapping.

This had caused further hype to the film Desamuduru. Sensational director Puri Jagannath gave a super hit film like Pokiri last year, which rewrote the 75-year-old history of the Telugu cinema.

Desamuduru review. Desamuduru Telugu movie review, story, …

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Presented by J. Bhagawan and produced by DVV Danayya, Desa Muduru has camera by Shyam K. Naidu, action by Vijayan, music by Chakri and editing by Marthand K. Venkatesh. The producers have left…

The plus points of the film are Allu Arjun’s work, Ali’s comedy thread and racy action episodes. On the flipside, the emotions are not established well between the lead pair in the first half. Puri Jagan has the habit of simplifying things (which critics don’t like) and playing it to the galleries to suit the tastes of majorities. The success of Desamuduru depends on how youth receive this …

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