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Darshakudu movie review greatandhra

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Movie: Darshakudu Rating: 2/5 Banner: BTRN Creations and Sukumar Writings Cast: Ashok, Isha, Poojitha, Noel, Sudarshan, Naveen and others Music: Sai Karthik Cinematography: Praveen Anumolu Editor: Naveen Nooli Producers: Vijay Kumar, Thomas Reddy, Ravichandra Directed by: Hariprasad Jakka Release date: Aug 04, 2017 Director Sukumar has been …

Sai Kartheek ‘Darsakudu’, starring newcomer Ashok and Eesha Rebba, hits the screens. Here is our review. Story: Mahesh (debutant Ashok) is an aspiring director, who has written a beautiful story….

Darshakudu Movie Review – The Times of India

Official Site: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/telugu/movie-reviews/darshakudu/movie-review/59913919.cms

Darshakudu Review : For Mahesh (Ashok), nothing is above making films. Even as an overenthusiastic child, when the whole world tells him he’s mad with passion, only his father tells him it is exactly this madness that will help him reach new heights as a filmmaker.

On the whole, Darshakudu is a predictable love story which has nothing novel to offer. Though the first half of the film is okay with some passable moments, the second half completely runs on a single point which may not appeal to a larger section audience and ends up as a strictly okay watch this weekend. 123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5

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What is your review of the movie Darshakudu?

Darshakudu Story : ‘Darshakudu’ charts the journey of an ambitious man. It seems like the story of every youngster blinded by passion, begging the question and underlining the fact of how important it is to draw a line between career and personal life. Darshakudu Review : For Mahesh (Ashok), nothing is above making films.

Is'Darshakudu'based on true story?

If one keeps aside the fact that the protagonists seem to be in a perfect sociopath-masochistic relationship, the movie manages to make its mark in a clever manner. The film is shrewdly meta wherein the protagonist is also shooting for a film called ‘Darshakudu’, which is pretty much based on his life.

Is dharshakudu story will connect to every pair?

Awesome concept, esha, pujitha, Ashok, noyal acted superb, every pair will connect to this concept bcuz every man have two lifes one is profession and the other is personal, in dharshakudu its d superbly, present generation, dharshakudu story will connect to every pair.

Is ‘Darshakudu’ the soul of Namrata?

On the whole, ‘Darshakudu’ seems like the soul of Namrata — a film that wants nothing to do with Tollywood, and yet does almost everything it can to fit in, simply because of its love for the industry.

Darshakudu Movie Public Response / Review || Ashok | Eesha Rebba | Pujita Ponnada

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