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Cj7 movie review

CJ7 movie review & film summary (2008) | Roger Ebert

This is a fable of forgiveness and regeneration, but it delves into a child’s deepest, darkest fears. Fortunately, things turn out OK in the end. The American release of "CJ7" presents a paradox. This film is aimed at ages between "Teletubbies" and "Dora the Explorer," but unless your kids already speak Cantonese (or read lips in Mandarin …

The writer-director-actor-choreographer Stephen Chow disappoints mightily with CJ7, a dreary follow-up to his witty international hit Kung Fu Hustle. Full Review | Original Score: 1/5 Brian D….

CJ7 (2008) – CJ7 (2008) – User Reviews – IMDb

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If you love shaolin soccer and kungfu hustle, you may feel very different about CJ7, even disappointed, because it feels almost nothing like a Chow movie, except for some very funny jokes. Sure you will still laugh at few scenes where dark humor or hard jokes fly around.

A little furry, cute little alien who he calls, wait for it, CJ-7. And so, silliness, and often tragedy, occurs when the alien enters their lives. The film did not recieve the English dubbing that…

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What do you think about CJ7?

This film is about a poor boy from a deprived family developing a friendship with an extra-terrestrial creature called CJ7. "CJ7" is a huge departure from Stephen Chow's usual style. I was expecting more of the nonsense humour, so I was rather surprised. "CJ7"'s plot is far too simple and straight forward.

When did the movie CJ7 come out?

CJ7 ( Chinese: 長江七號; Cantonese Yale: Cheung gong chat hou) is a 2008 Hong Kong – Chinese comic science fiction film co-written, co-produced, starring, and directed by Stephen Chow. It was released on January 31, 2008, in Hong Kong. It was also released on March 14, 2008, in the United States.

What are some of the music songs in CJ7?

Music tracks featured in CJ7 include "Masterpiece" and "I Like Chopin" by Gazebo and " Sunny " by Boney M. References to Chow's other films are made during some scenes, particularly during Dicky's dream sequence.

What is the name of the dog in CJ7?

Dicky Chow (Xu Jiao) is enchanted by his new furry, chartreuse-bodied pet toy in “CJ7,” a moralistic fable for children. Do you hate it when a review more or less regurgitates the pitch that probably got the project green-lighted in the first place?

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CJ7 (2008 Film)CJ7 is a 2008 Hong Kong–Chinese comic scie…

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