Chandamama lo amrutham movie review

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Chandamama lo amrutham movie review

Amrutham Chandamamalo Movie Review {3/5}: Critic …

The filmmaker has infused the plot with some skill fully constructed episodes in outer space, while still managing to retain the innocence in the humor. The lead actors are always end up finding themselves is believable stupid situations right through the movie. It all comes together pretty well aided by a pleasant background score.

This movie is technically strong in many aspects. Music of the film is just OK, and luckily the songs do not cause much disturbance to the flow of the film. Dialogues written are witty and humorous. Editing of the film is pretty good, but it is the visual effects which takes the cake.

Chandamama Lo Amrutham Movie Review | Gangaraju Gunnam

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Overall, Chandamama Lo Amrutham is comedy entertainer, which impresses the viewer with its simple homour, witty dialogues and a few funny moments. If you love to watch comedy films with no brainer…

Movie review ‘Amrutham – Chandamama Lo‘: Is a good laughing piece. DECCAN CHRONICLE . Published May 18, 2014, 1:28 am IST. Updated Apr 1, 2019, 7:32 am IST. The film is overall a good laugh for …

FAQ chandamama lo amrutham movie review

What is the story of Amrutham Chandamama Lo?

Amrutham Chandamama Lo is inspired from popular sitcom Amrutham which narrates the rags to riches tale of two friends, Amrutham (Srinivas Avasarala) and Anji (Harish). After numerous attempts to make money fail, one fine day, their respective families decide to colonise on the moon and the rest of the story is how they get back to Earth.

Who are the actors in the movie Chandamama Lo?

Go to: Chandamama Lo Amrutham Cast & Crew Srinivas Avasarala asAmrutham Shivanarayana Harish Dhanya Balakrishnan

What is the movie'Amrutham'about?

The film aims to continue the humourous legacy of the TV soap Amrutham during its telecast years ago amidst a moon-backdrop. Srinivas Rao Avasarala and Dhanya Balakrishna play the lead pair in the film while most of the cast that featured in the serial is expected to reprise its roles here too.

What is the story of Amrutham and Anji?

Amrutham (Sri Avasarala) and Anji (Harish Koyalagundla), who own a restaurant, are successful hoteliers. They are separated by Amrutham's dad-in-law. A disaster lead them to get along together again.

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