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Burrakatha movie review

Burrakatha movie review {1/5}: Aadi tries but the film fails

Review: Diamond Ratna Babu, who has previously written for films like Gayatri and Luck Unnodu makes his directorial debut with Burra Katha which sees the tale of a man with two brains.

A ‘two-brained’ man struggles to retain his sanity in this lacklustre film It looks like writer-director Ratna Babu is bored of dual roles played by a hero in films. So he brings in this new…

Burrakatha movie review highlights : Horrendous …

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Diamond Ratna Babu’s debut film Burrakatha starring Aadi Saikumar, Mishti Chakraborthy and Naira Shah starrer Burrakatha released today.

The pre-climax and climax of Burra Katha provide an interesting conundrum. The former sets up a neat unexpected conflict between the two personalities and both seem genuine in their grievances. A twist or two here does work out well. However, the immediate climax pours water on all that with a tame and highly predictable end.

FAQ burrakatha movie review

Is Burra katha (2021) a good movie?

On the whole, Burra Katha is a film which has an interesting concept but the narration was no up to the mark. Even though the comedy generated does not have much connection with the story, it creates some good laughs here and there.

Is Burra katha a hero or villain?

Burra Katha falls into the same category. The hero here is a guy with two brains. In an alternative take, he could be shown as a person with a split personality. The loud sounds trigger the change in him. Remember Amar Akbar Anthony?

What makes Diamond Ratna Babu’S Burra katha so special?

Diamond Ratna Babu sets up an interesting premise which has become the formula of sorts. It started with Bhale Bhale Magadivoi and is continuing till now. Once the basic framework is established, the rest of the proceedings go accordingly ticking all the predictable boxes. Burra Katha falls into the same category.

Burra Katha Telugu Movie Review and Rating | Adi Saikumar | Misti Chakraborthy | Mr. B

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