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Breaking in 2018 movie review

Breaking In (2018) – Breaking In (2018) – User Reviews

Stars-and-popcorn 11 May 2018. ‘Breaking In’ is a film that cashes in on the old saying that there’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her children. Caught in an impossible situation, a mother (Gabrielle Union) is forced to not only fight for her life but the life of her children as well.

Ultimately, Breaking In boorishly fails to break out of norms in the family-in-peril genre and should therefore be left to its own malfunctioning devices. Critical Movie Critic Rating: 2. Movie Review: Hotel Artemis (2018) Movie Review: Are You Glad I’m Here (2018) Tagged: children, criminals, home invasion, mother, protection.

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Breaking In (2018) Rated PG-13 for violence, menace, bloody images, sexual references, and brief strong language. 98 minutes Cast Gabrielle Union as Shaun Russell Billy Burke as Eddie Richard Cabral as Duncan Ajiona Alexus as Jasmine Russell Levi Meaden as Sam Director James McTeigue Writer Ryan Engle Cinematographer Toby Oliver Editor

2018, Mystery & thriller/Drama, 1h 28m 108 Reviews 1,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Breaking In is proof that Gabrielle Union deserves more leading roles — particularly in films that…

FAQ breaking in 2018 movie review

Is breaking in a good movie to watch?

Breaking In is in perfect time to be released around Mothers Day, basically a movie were it shows the star power Gabrielle Union playing a mother of two, and will do whatever it takes to save her kids from four burglars. The film is not terrible or great but it is decent entertainment.

Is breaking in (2019) worth watching?

Despite a few minor flaws, Breaking In is an entertaining action-thriller with great acting performances, interesting characters, lots of tensions and a few intriguing twists and turns. Genre fans will get an hour and a half of solid entertainment.

Is breaking in a home invasion thriller?

Sign in to vote. BREAKING IN is yet another home invasion thriller, but this time one which is handled in a familir, play-it-safe Hollywood kind of way which saps the production of both thrills and suspense. Gabrielle Union plays a distraught mother thrown into the unenviable situation of having her own children held hostage by a merciless gang.

What is the error code for breaking in on Netflix?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Breaking In is proof that Gabrielle Union deserves more leading roles -- particularly in films that offer more than this rote, disposable action thriller. Read critic reviews Breaking In: Official Clip - Is This a Bad Time?

Breaking In – Movie Review

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