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Break ke baad movie review

Break Ke Baad Movie Review – The Times of India

Movie Review: Love blossoms in sundry colours in Bollywood these days. There are noisy, boisterous, zany, crazy, conventional, unconventional romantic soirees rushing down the assembly line every week. If Break ke Baad manages to hold your attention, despite its plodding middle, it’s only because it speaks in a different tone altogether.

‘Break Ke Baad’ is about a couple, who take a Break from their decade old relationship. It’s the chick who decides to do so. From there on, it’s just how the boy tries to bring back things properly. The idea is fresh, and to give the writer-director his due, he even successfully starts the film.

Break Ke Baad: Movie Review | Hindi Movie News – Times …

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Practically nothing happens in the first half and break ke baad the film gets slow, stretched, boring and banal. Like the beach-side backdrop, Renuka Kunzru’s screenplay is breezy and blithe but absolutely devoid of any twists or turns, lending no graph to the narrative.

Break Ke Baad Movie Review 2010 : Break Ke Baad Critics Rating 1.5/5. Aditya Chopra’s DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE, Karan Johar’s KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI and Farhan Akhtar’s DIL CHAHTA HAI continue to …

FAQ break ke baad movie review

Is the movie Break Ke Baad worth watching?

To break or not to break.. Break ke Baad is not a movie that many people will be able to relate to but some definitely will. It is not particularly entertaining but in a juvenile way it does deal with some situations that are probably relevant with a lot of Gen Y couples.

Is Break Ke Baad by Danish Aslam a good movie?

Danish Aslam's 'Break Ke Baad' is an average attempt, which tries to be super-cool, but falls flat. The characters appear confused after a certain point, the writing gets hyper, so hyper, that it even culminates unconvincingly.

Is Break Ke Baad the other flavour of romance?

Nothing dramatic, just fresh: Break Ke Baad is the other flavour of romance. One that you don't find in run-of-the mill Mills and Boon masala. {"title":"Celebrity Killer (feat.

Is'Break Ke Baad'a good romcom?

"Break Ke Baad" is an ideal romcom catering to the segment of audience who bunk classes and chill out in the multiplexes. At the outset the plot might look "space issues" meets "coming of age".

Movie Reviews: Break ke Baad, Red, Unstoppable

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