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Brand babu telugu movie review

Brand Babu Movie Review {3/5}: Love story with a twist

Plus points: The male lead, Sumanth Shailendra, looks good on screen and he comes up with a decent performance in his debut movie. He does well in the role of a stone-hearted person who puts his obsession over human emotions. Sumanth is well supported by Eesha Rebba, who delivered a settled performance in the role of a lower-middle-class person.

Prabhakar, Sumanth and Eesha. Brand Babu Story Review: Ratnam (Murali Sharma), a big shot in market makes sure that his family leads a filthy rich life. He doesn’t allow any of his family members wearing unbranded apparel. His only son Diamond (Sumanth) strictly follows father’s instructions and maintains a wealthy social status.

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Here is our review of the comedy. Story: Diamond Babu (debutant Sumanth Shailendra) has been brought up by his father (Murali Sharma) as a brand-conscious, egotistic and immensely proudish guy. As…

Brand Babu‘, starring Sumanth Shailendra and Eesha Rebba in leading roles, hit the screens this Friday. Let’s find out what works and what doesn’t. Story: Diamond Babu (Sumanth Shailendra) is the son of a rich man, played by Murali Sharma. The father-son duo are arrogant about their high status. They use expensive branded products and look down upon anyone who …

FAQ brand babu telugu movie review

Who are the actors in the movie brand Babu?

Starring Sumanth Shailendra and Eesha Rebba in lead roles, Brand Babu is all geared up for release tomorrow. We have been to a special screening of the movie today.

Is the movie brand Babu worth watching?

On the whole, Brand Babu has a good story but does not get the treatment and narration it deserves. The hero’s characterization looks interesting and offers some fun in the initial stages. However, the director loses track in the second half and this is where things get out of control.

What is the story of the movie Diamond Babu?

Story: Diamond Babu (Sumanth Shailendra) is person who is obsessed with brands, he inherits the quality from his father who ensures even the match box used in his house is of reputed brand and dress code at a funeral is white and white, he moulds his son like him.

Do you think Babu is in love with the maid?

During the same time, a maid (Eesha Rebba) in the home minister’s house thinks that Babu is in love with her and starts living in her own imaginary world. After a key twist in the tale, Babu realizes that he is actually in love with the maid. Will he be able to get over his obsession with brands and confess his true love?

Brand Babu Movie Review And Rating | Maruthi | Sumanth Shailendra | Eesha Rebba | Mr. B

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