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Born to race movie review

Born to Race (Video 2011) – User Reviews – IMDb

Born to race is essentially the street racing movie that can relate to real life. Not only is "Need for Speed" and the "F&F" series unrealistic (still great!), but neither of those use realistic cars that you can typically get(veyrons, 911gt3s etc.). Born to Race uses cars like imprezas and mustangs.

Al Pagura (Joseph Bottoms) is a NASCAR star looking for another win. Andrea Lombardo (Marla Heasley) is an inventor who needs a driver for her cutting-edge engine. They meet at the Charlotte, N.C.,…

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Official Site:

If you realize that the film is no Citizen Kane going into it, Born to Race can actually be an enjoyable little popcorn flick. Though the movie is aimed …

My detail brand! – this video, we watch and talk about the beloved indie car movie Born to Race (or Born2Race the movie post…

FAQ born to race movie review

Who are the actors in the movie Born to race?

Born to Race is a 2011 action film directed by Alex Ranarivelo, and stars Joseph Cross and John Pyper-Ferguson . Born To Race is the story of Danny Krueger ( Joseph Cross ), a rebellious young street racer on a collision course with trouble.

What is born to race on Netflix about?

Born To Race is the story of Danny Krueger ( Joseph Cross ), a rebellious young street racer on a collision course with trouble. After an accident at an illegal street race, he is sent to a small town to live with his estranged father ( John Pyper-Ferguson ), a washed up NASCAR racer.

Is born to race worth a watch?

However, Born to Race was done on a lower budget but was as equally enjoyable and stands on its own merits. Just taking the time here to recommend this film. It was very good by all accounts and pleasurable watch.

Will there be a born to race 2?

A sequel Born to Race: Fast Track was released in 2014 with Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff replacing both Cross and Eaton as Danny Krueger and Jake Kendall, Bill Sage replaces Ferguson as Frank Krueger, while Badaan reprise her role as Jessica.

Born to Race Review : The Great Yet Terrible Car Movie

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