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Born free movie review

Born Free (1966) – Born Free (1966) – User Reviews – IMDb

"Born Free" (1965) is a great film for animal lovers, especially cat lovers. It tells the story of a couple living in Africa who come across three orphan lion cubs and keep one female, whom they name Elsa. Later they are pressured to give Elsa up to a zoo, but the woman can’t because, as she argues, Elsa was born free and should therefore live free.

Born Free 1966, Drama, 1h 35m 17 Reviews 5,000+ Ratings Where to watch Rent/buy Rent/buy Rent/buy Born Free Photos View All Photos (13) Movie Info At a national park in Kenya, English game warden…

Born Free Movie Review | Common Sense Media

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BORN FREE feels authentic; the relationship between Joy and Elsa is developed so well that the film often feels like a documentary. Other scenes …

Director James Hill tackles the material in a manner that relies more on naturalistic behavior than cheap theatrics (i.e. no scenes of Elsa covering her eyes with her paws after a human does…

FAQ born free movie review

When did the movie Born Free come out?

The film was one of the most popular movies at the box office in Britain during 1966. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: The book Born Free (1960) was followed by two other books, Living Free (1961) and Forever Free (1963). In 1972, a film sequel entitled Living Free was released.

Is there a sequel to born free?

Sequels and spinoffs. In 1972, a film sequel entitled Living Free was released. While deriving its name from the second book, the film was based on the third book in the series. It starred Susan Hampshire and Nigel Davenport as Joy and George Adamson. A documentary follow-up to Born Free, entitled The Lions Are Free, was released in 1969.

Is Born Free the Best Book of all time?

Joy Adamson's bestselling book, Born Free, spawned several films and a TV series; this one is the first, and best, of the bunch. Adamson's relationship with Elsa the lioness is captivating from start to finish, and the question of whether a domesticated animal can be returned to the wild is compelling.

Is Born Free based on a true story?

Movie Info. Born Free is the heartwarming true story of a British couple who teach their pet lioness how to survive in the wilds of the African jungles. Joy and George Adamson (portrayed by real-life married couple Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers) involuntarily domesticate several lions while living in Kenya.

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