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Bommarillu movie review

Bommarillu (2006) – Bommarillu (2006) – User Reviews

Bommarillu (2006) : Brief Review – A perfect rom-com drama for Indian Audience with great performances of Siddharth, Genelia and Prakash Raj. Rom-coms were running riot in 90s as youth audience started loving the new style of storytelling with freshness in the characters. Bollywood had many trendsetting films then but in 2000s decade it became repetitive and then there …

By strange quirk of fate, he runs into Hasini (Genelia) at a local temple and it is love at first sight. He is bowled over by her charm and her down-to-earth conduct. Hasini is not your regular…

Bommarillu (2006) – IMDb

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Bommarillu 2006 2 h 50 m IMDb RATING 8.2 /10 9.5K YOUR RATING Rate Comedy Drama Romance A young man realizes that he has to push back against his domineering father if he wants to find true happiness and love. Director Bommarillu Baskar Writers Bommarillu Baskar Rajasimha Abburi Ravi (dialogue) Stars Siddharth Genelia D’Souza Prakash Raj

Story – screenplay – direction: Bhaskar. Producer: Dil Raju. Release Date: 9th August 2006. Review. Story. Siddu (Siddardha) has everything in life, but in excess amounts. His father (Prakash Raj) decides on what is good for Siddu. He selects the girl of his choice to Siddardha. That is when Siddu meet the girl Hasini (Genelia) he has waited …

FAQ bommarillu movie review

What is your review of the Telugu movie Bommarillu?

Bommarillu is one of Telugu cinema’s finest examples of the commercial movie done right. It has laugh-out-loud moments, a fun soundtrack, and completely normalised male-female friendships with Siddu’s ( Siddharth) college gang. But at its core, it is a non-preachy commentary on the average Indian patriarchal family.

How good is Bommarillu at prasadz?

Tail piece: Watching Bommarillu in today’s morning show at Prasadz is like sitting in a ladies special show (as 75% of the patrons were good looking women). The film is so good that people are refusing to leave the auditorium as the titles are scrolling.

Which is the best example of perfect casting in Bommarillu?

Bommarillu is the best example of perfect casting. Here is another tailor-made role for Siddardha. He is very natural, charming and elegant. The most crucial part of his performance comes in the confrontation scene with Prakash Raj. Geneliasteals the show with her mind-blowing performance as a happy-go-lucky and innocent girl.

Does bomarillu make you fall for her head over heels?

But oh god! Bomarillu would make you fall for her head over heels. Her character Hasini is an angelic beauty. And there are these brilliant moments in the film. The way the first time Siddu & Hasini meets. You are taken into a magical world with the background music and the originality of that scene is purely divine.

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