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Bombay velvet movie review

Bombay Velvet Movie Review – The Times of India

Bombay Velvet is one of the most stylish-looking Hindi films, its glowing cinematography and sharp detailing presenting a heady, greedy city, full of nightmares and dreams. Its performances create an eye-catching vintage world – where Ranbir Kapoor smashes it as a Raj Kapoor-like Johnny Balraj.

Bombay Velvet 2015, Action/Crime, 2h 29m 18 Reviews 250+ Ratings Bombay Velvet Photos View All Photos (19) Movie Info Johnny, a commoner, seeks wealth and fame to win Rosie, his love interest’s…

Bombay Velvet (2015) – Bombay Velvet (2015) – User …

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‘Bombay Velvet’ is visually terrific & the Art Design is truly remarkable. There is no doubt that ‘Bombay Velvet’ is highly ambitious & passionately made, but where this biggie falters is its Script. And no film, no matter how big your budget or how rich in treatment, can rise above a weak Screenplay.

Bombay Velvet is a moderate Hollywood imitation; significant for the craft it brings on screen, but little more than an excessive footnote in a universal genre. I’d rather revisit On The Waterfront…

FAQ bombay velvet movie review

What do you think about the movie Bombay Velvet?

There is good in Bombay Velvet, the story of a small time crook trying to rise up the ranks to become a "bigshot" is endearing but what's irritating is that while Johnny Balraj wants to be a bigshot he is illogical, falls in love with wrong woman and doesn't realize that it's bigshot or the girl.

How do you appreciate Bombay Velvet?

In order to truly appreciate Bombay Velvet, one needs to be madly in love with movies, for it pays endless tributes to yesteryear films and stars with Film Noir and Classic Hollywood influences abound. Kashyap's fascination for all things cinema is evident in each and every frame.

Is Bombay Velvet (2021) worth watching?

Overall, Bombay Velvet is a sprawling period piece with an excess of style over substance. The film suffers from poor market segmentation and targeting for it may prove to be a bit too overwhelming for the masses and at the same time the aficionados may not find it too appealing to their palates, despite all its merits.

Was Ranbir Kapoor casted for Bombay Velvet?

Although Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh and Saif Ali Khan were considered, Ranbir Kapoor was cast as a street fighter, and Anushka Sharma was cast as a jazz singer. Kapoor explained his casting, "The script of Bombay Velvet just fell into my lap.

Bombay Velvet | Movie Review | Anupama Chopra

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