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Bombay summer movie review

Bombay Summer – Movie Reviews – Rotten Tomatoes

Bombay Summer turns Mumbai’s chaos into an atmospheric playground for a soap opera-like love triangle to unfold. Full Review | Original Score: 2/4 Avi Offer NYC Movie Guru Oct 9, 2010 A quietly…

Bombay Summer explores the fleeting and delicate friendship between three young people in Mumbai, India and its eventual disintegration in the face of betrayal and personal loss. IMDb RATING 5.8/10 111 YOUR RATING Rate Director Joseph Mathew Writer Joseph Mathew Stars Tannishtha Chatterjee Samrat Chakrabarti Jatin Goswami Top credits Director

Bombay Summer Review

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Bombay Summer Review. May 11, 2022. Team Baiscope . Introduction – Some of the quintessential elements of Bombay aka Mumbai includes grotesque financial, social & lifestyle disparity. Bombay Summers portrays these rudiments and emotions through the bond of friendship. Frankly, the movie is more like an accumulation of postcards and posters. Bombay …

Bombay Summer 2008, Drama, 1h 42m 5 Reviews 50+ Ratings You might also like Das Vorspiel Wet Season Ajji New Jerusalem Where to watch Subscription Rent/buy Bombay Summer Photos View All Photos (14)…

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What is the name of the song in the movie Bombay?

"Bombay Theme" has appeared in various international films and music compilations, while the songs "Kannalanae" and "Bombay Theme" have been sampled by various international artists. Bombay was released on 10 March 1995. The Telugu -dubbed version, Bombayi, was released on the same day which was well received.

What is the story of the movie Bombay?

A tragic movie about the burning of Bombay by Muslims in 1995, in retaliation for the destruction of a muslim temple (which also holy place to Hindus.) The story focuses around a Hindu-muslim couple who are caught in the violent tensions of the times.

What is your review of Mani Ratnam's movie Bombay?

Mani Ratnam after ROJA came back with BOMBAY yet again the film is a tamil film dubbed in Hindi but it's a great film. The film has a good storyline and also mirrors the true story of the riots happened in 1992-1993.

Why is Bombay rose so special?

Clearly, Bombay Rose is an ode to the era of ‘Bombay Cinema’ when people poured in from different corners of India in hopes to make it big – and the city itself takes on a more stratified character where the rich and those with the sharpest teeth win out.

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Bombay Summer (2010 Film)Bombay Summer explores the fleeting and delicate fr…

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