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Body of lies movie review

Body of Lies (2008) – Body of Lies (2008) – User Reviews

Despite its amalgamation of various espionage tropes and some misplaced plot points, Body of Lies is an exceptional genre film. It manages to work as both an exciting action thriller and as a more controlled politically-charged piece. The story is packed with deception and intrigue, just right for this type of film.

Audience Reviews for Body of Lies There’s nothing wrong with this standard thriller about a CIA operative in the Middle East going after secret terrorist leaders, it just doesn’t stand out is all….

Body of Lies movie review & film summary (2008) | Roger …

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Body of Lies (2008) Rated R strong violence including some torture and for language throughout 128 minutes Cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Roger Ferris Russell Crowe as Ed Hoffman Mark Strong as Hani Golshifteh Farahani as Aisha Oscar Isaac as Bassam Simon McBurney as Garland Directed by Ridley Scott Written by William Monahan Based on the novel by

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FAQ body of lies movie review

Who is the director of the movie Body of lies?

Body of Lies (film) Body of Lies is a 2008 American action thriller film directed and produced by Ridley Scott.

Is body of lies worth the watch?

Body of Lies is reccomendable, but not overwhelmingly so. You won't really see anywhere near the best middle-eastern thriller nor a really great spy movie.

What do you think about body of lies?

Also, Body of Lies has a great and stellar cast. Leo and Russell don't even have to try, they resonate from nowhere and easily create magnificence. I liked their performances, although not their greatest roles. It seems somewhat fimiliar, but is very exciting and realistic.

Is body of Lies by Ridley Scott a good movie?

Ridley Scott is one of the directors working in movies these days that can be trusted to deliver a big thriller such as "Body of Lies". This is by no means one of his better action packed pictures such as "Black Hawk Down" or "Black Rain", just to name two.

Body of Lies reviewed by Mark Kermode

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