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Blast from the past movie review

Blast From The Past movie review (1999) | Roger Ebert

"Blast From the Past” is the first screen credit for writer Bill Kelly, who co-scripted with the director, Wilson ("The First Wives Club,” the overlooked "Guarding Tess”). It’s a sophisticated and observant film that wears its social …

In BLAST FROM THE PAST, Brendan Fraser plays Adam, who was born in 1962, in an elaborate bomb shelter constructed by his eccentric genius …

Blast from the Past (1999) – Blast from the Past (1999)

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‘Blast From the Past’ is a funny little romcom. It’s very enjoyable as long as one does not expect anything serious. The plot does follow the romcom cliché where dude tries to woo dudette but here the dude was raised all his 35 years in an underground shelter, away from the outer world and that just makes the story funnier.

Audience Reviews for Blast From the Past Jun 29, 2012 Blast from the Past is a quirky fish-out-of-water story with a unique twist. In the midst of the Cuban …

FAQ blast from the past movie review

Is blast from the past a good movie?

When "Blast from the Past" came out, it looked kind of silly, especially since Brendan Fraser had just played a very good role in "Gods and Monsters". It turns out that this is a very well done movie.

Who are the actors in blast from the past?

Brendan Fraser is a "Blast from the Past" in this 1999 film also starring Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Alicia Silverstone, and Dave Foley. Walken and Spacek are Calvin and Helen.

What's the story behind blast from the past?

What's the story? In BLAST FROM THE PAST, Brendan Fraser plays Adam, who was born in 1962, in an elaborate bomb shelter constructed by his eccentric genius of a father (Christopher Walken). His parents, mistakenly believing that a nuclear bomb exploded in Los Angeles, stayed in the shelter for 35 years.

How much did blast from the past make?

Blast from the Past opened in North American theaters on February 12, 1999 and took in $7,771,066 earning it 5th place at the box office for the weekend. It ultimately made a profit, grossing $40.3 million worldwide against its $35 million budget despite only grossing $26.5 million within the United States. ^ "Blast From The Past".

A Man Raised In A Bomb Shelter For More Than 30 Years

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