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Bitter moon movie review

Bitter Moon movie review & film summary (1994) | Roger …

Powered by JustWatch The returns are in from Europe and the coasts, and the critics have found Roman Polanski’s "Bitter Moon" an embarrassment: It is too melodramatic, too contrived, too overwrought, too …

An alcoholic writer (Peter Coyote) in a wheelchair recalls his sexy wife (Emmanuelle Seigner) for an English aristocrat (Hugh Grant) on an ocean …

Bitter Moon (1992) – Bitter Moon (1992) – User Reviews

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"Bitter Moon" is a powerful film about love, and to view it as a sort of a soft-core titillation exercise by Polanski is to miss the point. The up-front sexuality of the film is there, not to merely provoke a cheap arousal from the viewer, but to point out how empty and hollow the couple’s relationship really is.

One of Polanski’s most celebrated directorial motifs, the decimation of human bodies as a reflection of their withering spirits, is brutally forthright in Bitter Moon. Full Review Neil Martin Palo…

FAQ bitter moon movie review

Is Bitter Moon (2019) a good movie?

While not as good as some of Polanski's other works, Bitter Moon still stands out as a highlight of his filmography and is certainly a lot better than many people have reputed it to be.

What is the plot of the movie Bitter Moon?

'Bitter Moon' begins on a cruise ship with Nigel, a proper Englishman (Hugh Grant) who meets a gorgeous woman named Mimi (Emmanuelle Seigner) in a bar and is intoxicated by her. A short time later he meets her alcoholic husband Oscar (Peter Coyote) who is confined to a wheelchair.

When did Bitter Moon come out in America?

On its release in Europe (in 1992) and North America (in 1994), Bitter Moon was not a commercial success and received mixed reviews from critics.

What would A Bitter Moon taste like?

There is a scene that features a moon that might be called bitter (it tastes of "poison" to one person and "sweet" to another). Does this suggest that a bitter moon would be a situation where two people share very different outlooks or viewpoints?

Roman Polanski's Bitter Moon Movie Review

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