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Birdy movie review

Birdy movie review & film summary (1984) | Roger Ebert

The movie is about two friends from South Philadelphia. One of them, Al, played by Nicolas Cage, is a slick romeo with a lot of self-confidence and a way with the women. The other, nicknamed Birdy ( Matthew Modine ), is goofy, withdrawn, …

Birdy is an innocent and odd young man who has been always fascinated by birds and wanted to learn to fly. Both friends had to take a traumatic tour of duty in Vietnam that affected them tremendously both physically and mentally. The film is not about Vietnam, though it is a brilliant story of friendship and how far Al would go for his friend.

Birdy – Rotten Tomatoes

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Movie Info Birdy (Matthew Modine) returns from the Vietnam War scarred from the horrific experiences of battle. He is so damaged by what he saw that he has shut himself off from reality completely,…

Belying the lightheartedness of its title, Birdy is a heavy adult drama about best friends and the after-effects of war, but it takes too long to live up to its ambitious premise. Full Review Chuck…

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Who are the actors in the movie Birdy?

Birdy (film) Birdy is a 1984 American drama film based on William Wharton 's 1978 novel of the same name. Directed by Alan Parker, it stars Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage. The film focuses on the friendship between Birdy (Modine) and Al Columbato (Cage), two teenage boys living in a working-class neighborhood in 1960s Philadelphia,...

What is your review of Birdy?

There are some very funny moments, such as Birdy's awkward prom date. The film's pacing suffers somewhat due to the episodic nature of the narrative, but Parker infuses the film with visual elegance and skillfully balances the drama and the comedy. The ending is great.

Is Birdy the best anti war movie?

His 1984 portrayal here is brilliant as the wounded warrior. Mathew Modine as his best friend is wonderful as well. Alan Parker is the director of this anti war film . Birdy is the most powerful film against war that I have seen.

Is Birdy based on a true story?

Birdy (film) Birdy is a 1984 American drama film based on William Wharton's 1978 novel of the same name.

Birdy | Movie Review | 1984 | Indicator #28 | Alan Parker | Mathew Modine | Nicolas Cage |

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