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Billy madison movie review

Billy Madison – Rotten Tomatoes

Billy Madison 1995, Comedy, 1h 29m 49 Reviews 250,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Audiences who enjoy Adam Sandler’s belligerent comic …

Similar to Sandler’s Happy Gilmore, BILLY MADISON is a silly, unintelligent comedy that offers no real message. Without warning, though, …

Billy Madison (1995) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site:

All in all, "Billy Madison" is stupid and funny at the same time, just like "A Night at the Roxbury" and "Dude, Where’s My Car?". And one more thing. Darren McGavin, wherever you are, I’ll not only remember you for "The Night Stalker", "A Christmas Story", and your "X Files" appearances, but also for this one 20 out of 41 found this helpful.

Billy Madison Reviews All Critics Top Critics All Audience Verified Audience Brian Eggert Deep Focus Review Mar 3, 2022 Viewed as an absurdist comedy by many, Billy Madison is nonetheless the…

FAQ billy madison movie review

Is Billy Madison a good movie?

One of Sandlers worst films, Silly plot, Very poor acting and Sandler was just annoying and unfunny, It's boring and predictable, Save your time and avoid this. Though its jokes are of stupidity and grade-school humor, Billy Madison is a decent comedy from the creation of Adam Sandler.

What is the plot of the movie Billy Madison?

As the movie progresses, Billy slowly learns responsibility. The film culminates with an academic decathlon against conniving Madison Hotels V.P., Eric Gordon (Bradley Whitford) and Billy falling in love with his teacher Veronica Vaughn ( Bridgette Wilson ).

Is Billy Madison in T-T-today junior?

Billy Madison: Official Clip - T-T-Today, Junior! Billy Madison: Official Clip - T-T-Today, Junior! Man-child Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) has been a spoiled rich kid all his life, and spends his days drinking and partying.

What is the message of Billy Madison?

Similar to Sandler's Happy Gilmore, BILLY MADISON is a silly, unintelligent comedy that offers no real message. Without warning, though, audiences both young and old may find themselves guffawing at the film's more random memorable moments (Miss Lippy's paste facial comes to mind).

Billy Madison (1995) Movie Review

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