Bhoot chaturdashi movie review

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Bhoot chaturdashi movie review

Bhoot Chaturdashi Movie Review – Times of India

In fact, the so-called horror bits of the film start and end so fast that your brain hardly gets the time to realise that it’s supposed to be afraid. As for the story, we have seen different variants of the same formula so many times in Hollywood and Bollywood films since the ’80s that Bhoot Chaturdashi has nothing new to offer.

Bhoot Chaturdashi Movie Review: Fails To Live Up To Its Billing As The First All-Out Bengali Horror Film Despite an intelligent premise and a satisfying …

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praise worthy things: 1.a brief insight of the movie title (myths,facts and tradition). 2.suitable background score and visual effects. 3.shooting a car ride scene in a real muddy village road. 4.story/folklore connection with a real well known family. 5.the bhoot related genuine phrasing like,tantrik ritual of sacrifice,’nishi daak’ etc. 6.great …

Horror Four youngsters head out to an abandoned house to shoot a documentary. What starts off as a regular fun road trip slowly becomes a …


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