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Bhajarangi movie review

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Armed with an excellent screenplay, Harsha has narrated the story with extraordinary settings and art work by Ravi Santhehyklu. Though the movie is a bit lengthy, the sequences that follow one after the other keep you on the edge of your seat. Of course, there is an overdose of bloodshed which could have been avoided to make the movie sober.

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Review: So, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is Salman Khan’s most daring film where Salman presents a beautiful performance – but allows the story to be the real dabangg. Pawan (Salman) aka ‘Bajrangi’ is a devout Shri Hanuman bhakt who meets a speech-impaired child (Harshaali) wandering alone, hungry and silent.

His acting as a father and son is flawless. Slow Pace In The Second Half The slow pace in the second half can be termed as the biggest drawback. But, the comedy masters Bullet Prakash and Sadhu…

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When was Bhajarangi released in Kannada?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Bhajarangi (Kannada: ಭಜರಂಗಿ) is a Kannada-language Indian fantasy film starring Shivrajkumar and Aindrita Ray in the lead roles. Directed by choreographer-turned-director Harsha, the movie was released on 12 December 2013 and received positive response from critics.

Does Bhajarangi 2 live up to all the expectations?

Review: The visuals, teaser and trailer of Bhajarangi 2 had caused a lot of intrigue. The film tries to mix fantasy with action, drama and some philosophy. One of the most ambitious projects in recent times, there have been a lot of expectations attached to it. Does it live up to the same? It does, to a large extent.

How did the Tantrik get rid of Bhajarangi?

To his shock, he comes to know that he was the son of Bhajarangi (Shivarajkumar) who fought against the tantrik and saved the villagers from his harassment. But the intelligent tantrik gets rid of Bhajarangi in his own way by creating a demon in the form of a baby and makes Bhajarangi believe that he is his son.

Who is the grandson of Bhajarangi in Mahabharat?

To his shock, he comes to know that he was the grandson of Bhajarangi (Shivarajkumar) who fought against the tantrik and saved the villagers from his harassment. The story takes many interesting turns and twists & he defeats the tantric.

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