Bhaagamathie telugu movie review

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Bhaagamathie telugu movie review

Bhaagamathie Movie Review – The Times of India

Bhaagamathie Review: Bhaagamathie ticks all the boxes that have become mandatory for a horror thriller these days. Some of the elements — a haunted palace, a legend involving royalty and a tragedy, a mystery surrounding the unnatural occurrences (is it really a ghost or is it psychological?) — give it the vibe of Chandramukhi.

On the whole, Bhaagamathie is an engaging thriller with good horror and interesting twists at regular intervals. Anushka leads from the front and will surely pull the crowds with her standout performance. The film is made on a lavish scale and because of this, the thrills look quite good on screen.

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Overall, BHAAGAMATHIE is a highly entertaining action-horror thriller which has all the necessary elements to keep you hooked to the edge of the seat. Since I saw it without subtitles, I’ve got a reason to watch it again when subtitles will be available.

Bhaagamathie movie review highlights: The first half does have a few spooky elements but largely on predictable lines Amidst much buzz, the highly anticipated Anushka Shetty-starrer ‘ Bhaagamathie ‘ finally hit the screens today. Directed by G Ashok, the film also stars Jayaram and Unni Mukundan in lead roles.

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What is your review of Bhaagamathie movie?

Bhaagamathie Movie Review Times Of India M Suganth, TNN, Updated: Jan 27, 2018, 08.36 PM ISTCritic's Rating: 3.0/5 Bhaagamathie Synopsis: To dig up some dirt on a minister who is Mr Clean, a CBI officer goes after his imprisoned personal secretary.

How do the investigators realise the truth in Bhaagamathie?

The investigators realise it after the suspect is let off. In 'Bhaagamathie' too, Anushka creates an imaginary story based on wordings and books in Bhaagamathie Bungalow and misleads the investigator. But in the process, the director has deliberately misled audiences in these two aspects

Is Anushka Shetty the Best Actress in Bhaagamathie?

Undoubtedly, Anushka is a major highlight of the film. Her screen presence and performance brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. She has shown tremendous variations in both her roles but she is exceptional as Bhaagamathie. Especially, Anushka gives a riveting performance during the interval block with her fierce looks and dialogue modulation.

How good is the cinematography of the movie ‘Bhagavat’?

Cinematography by R. Madhi is top notch as the color texture and framing used elevates the film’s mood completely. Coming to the director Ashok, has done a decent job with good twists and turns.

Bhaagamathie Public Talk | Anushka Shetty | Unni Mukundan | #Bhaagamathie Public Review

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