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Bhaagamathie movie review

Bhaagamathie Movie Review – The Times of India

Bhaagamathie Review: Bhaagamathie ticks all the boxes that have become mandatory for a horror thriller these days. Some of the elements — a …

It was supposed to keep the audience on the edge-of-the-seat with a spine-chilling backstory of the central character Bhaagamathie, a ghost from the past century. It was supposed to send the shiver down our spines while we witness the horrors suffered by the characters that wander into Bhaagamathie’s territory.

Bhaagamathie (2018) – User Reviews – IMDb

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Bhaagamathie (2018) santhosh-10290 15 April 2018 The movie was so good. Anushka and everybody acted very good in the movie. The movie lagged a lot at the 1st half of the movie but the 2nd half of the movie was very interesting and thrilling. BGM in the movie was very good.

Bhaagamathie movie review highlights: The first half does have a few spooky elements but largely on predictable lines Amidst much buzz, the highly anticipated Anushka Shetty-starrer ‘ Bhaagamathie ‘ finally hit the screens today. Directed by G Ashok, the film also stars Jayaram and Unni Mukundan in lead roles.

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What is your review of Bhaagamathie?

Bhaagamathie movie review: Anushka Shetty lifts the mood with the loud burst of her performance as the possessed woman but her Chanchala character is a letdown. The main drawback of Ashok’s narrative is he gives up the suspense part of the story very early on. Spoilers ahead.

Is Bhaagamathie the latest haunted-house movie?

The latest incarnation of the haunted-house movie is titled Bhaagamathie – and it’s at least a little different from others of its ilk. It’s a haunted- palace movie. The police force, though, prefer to call the mansion a guest house.

Is Bhaagamathie (2021) worth watching?

On the whole, Bhaagamathie is an engaging thriller with good horror and interesting twists at regular intervals. Anushka leads from the front and will surely pull the crowds with her standout performance. The film is made on a lavish scale and because of this, the thrills look quite good on screen.

Did Bhaagamathie murder people as part of Voodoo?

The legend has it that Bhaagamathie murdered people, who dare to enter her palace compound as part of her voodoo. However, a top police officer, played by Murali Sharma, thinks that is exactly the kind of place he wants to lock-up Chancala (Anushka Shetty) and investigate her in connection with a scam.

Bhaagamathie – Movie Review

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