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Better days chinese movie review

Better Days (2019) – Better Days (2019) – User Reviews

Although Better Days was initially censored by the Chinese government, the decision was later changed and the movie began showing in theaters. It’s not hard to see why it enticed controversy in the first place as it portrays the Gaokao as a high pressure environment that fosters bullying, mental illness, and suicide.

Courtesy of Well Go USA One of several Chinese films that were abruptly pulled from the Berlin Film Festival in February, Derek Kwok Cheung Tsang’s Better Days ( Shao nian de ni) struggled to get…

‘Better Days’ Review: Bruising, Moving Chinese Bullying …

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Chen Nian is among the top students in her year despite coming from an impoverished, debt-ridden background, as the latchkey daughter of a mother forced to sell fake goods to make ends meet. She is…

Better Days pulls instead on the tougher strings of mental trauma. Better Days in that sense is an acting breakthrough for Zhou; her portrayal of Chen Nian shows that Zhou can progress beyond her roles in romantic dramas. Better Days makes its dark and heavy undertones apparent early on.

FAQ better days chinese movie review

Is ‘better days’ China’s biggest movie?

Banned by Chinese censors for a year, "Better Days" gets its big reveal with dark undertones about high school bullying. Courtesy of Well Go USA. Better Days, which was supposed to be this summer’s biggest Chinese blockbuster, is finally in theaters.

Is better days a bad movie?

No: Better Days is a serious, almost literary quality, drama. It has wit, but not the sarcastic kind at all; it has romance, but nothing cheesy, and it has plenty to think about without being heavy-going in the slightest. Better Days is one of the best new films I’ve seen this year.

Is ‘Better Days’ by Zhou Dongyu worth watching?

Fans of Zhou Dongyu’s prior works will enjoy how Better Days gives her a chance to expand her repertoire beyond romantic dramas. For broader audiences, Better Days offers a dark and brutally realistic portrayal of campus bullying that’s emotionally heavy, but a worthwhile watch.

When does ‘better days’ come out?

Officially approved a theatrical run in China that started October 25, it wasn’t long until Better Days got a U.S. release in November. All politics behind-the-scenes aside, Better Days is a harrowing and soul-stirring drama that does naturally bear political vim and importance.

A Bullied Chinese Student's Story Breaks The Heart Of 15 Billion Chinese better days movie explain

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