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Before the rains movie review

Before the Rains (2007) – User Reviews – IMDb

Before the Rains is a beautifully made drama set in south India in 1937. An engrossing story, it shows us what India was like and awakens our interest in foreign lands. But what stuck in MY mind was the extreme difficulty of having a sexual/romantic encounter in this time and place. Young people these days take their sex fast and casual.

Henry Moore has a dream. He wants to build a road in the undeveloped rural terrain of traditional Kerala to help further the spice trade. Helping him to fulfil his dream is his faithful servant TK (Rahul Bose) who forms the bridge between the Englishman and the natives. TK has his motives clear.

Before the Rains movie review (2008) | Roger Ebert

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Lust, guilt and shame. In the waning days of British colonial rule, a tea plantation owner (Linus Roache) carries on a forbidden affair with a beautiful young Indian servant (Nandita Das), with tragic consequences, in Before the Rains. "Before the Rains" tells the kind of story that would feel right at home in a silent film, and I suppose I mean …

Before the Rains PG-13 2007, Drama, 1h 38m 49% Tomatometer 69 Reviews 50% Audience Score 1,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus While lushly photographed and politically suggestive, this…

FAQ before the rains movie review

What is the movie before the rains about?

"Before the Rains" tells the kind of story that would feel right at home in a silent film, and I suppose I mean that as a compliment. It's a melodrama about adultery, set against the backdrop of southern India in 1937.

Where was before the rains filmed?

Before the Rains is a 2007 Indian - British period drama film directed by Santosh Sivan. The film is adapted from a story from the 2001 anthology Israeli film Asphalt Zahov. It was filmed on location in Kerala, India and was released in cinemas in India, the US and the UK.

Is before the rains by Troy Sivan a good movie?

"Before the Rains" is lushly photographed, as we would expect, by Sivan himself. It's told sincerely and with energy. It enjoys its period settings and costumes, and even its conventions. In a movie with plenty of room for it, there isn't a trace of cynicism.

Is before the rains by EM Forster good?

Before the Rains is an immediate disappointment. January 28, 2020 | Full Review… If only the whole thing weren't so pretty. August 15, 2011 | Full Review… Has the moral overtones of an EM Forster story, but is curiously lacking in emotional force. January 8, 2009 | Rating: 3/6 | Full Review…

Before the Rain — A Forgotten Classic Movie (Episode 10)

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