Arjun suravaram movie review rating

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Arjun suravaram movie review rating

Arjun Suravaram Movie Review {2.5/5}: A crime thriller …

Arjun Suravaram deserves to be watched, even if just for the fact that it offers to bring in a novel story to Tollywood, something beyond the usual love …

But, there are still moments of thrill amidst all these and that is what makes Arjun Suravaram is a fairly decent watch. Overall, an exciting premise …

Nikhil Siddharth’s Arjun Suravaram Movie Review & Rating

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Arjun Suravaram is the official remake of Kanithan movie that released in Tamil and became a hit. The film is directed by TN Santosh in Telugu as well. Read on to know our review of the movie here.

Verdict: On the whole, Arjun Suravaram is an engaging crime thriller with a novel concept. The thrills showcased, breezy narration and Nikhil’s performance are …

FAQ arjun suravaram movie review rating

What is your review of Arjun Suravaram?

Arjun Suravaram is a remake of Tamil film Kanithan. TN Santhosh who handled the original directs the remake as well. It helps the narrative a great deal as the director knows the subject inside out and presents it thrillingly. The basic story and content itself is the strength of Arjun Suravaram.

How good is Nikhil in Arjun Suravaram?

In Arjun Suravaram that is least visible. It helps the audience take the narrative seriously and not let it look too far-fetched. Once that hurdle is crossed, Nikhil does his usual to carry through the story without any problem. He is fine and does the action and drama convincingly.

What is the story of Arjun Suravaram and Lavanya?

Arjun Suravaram (Nikhil) is an investigative journalist who works for a channel called TV 99. He falls in love with his colleague (Lavanya) and when everything seems to be going fine, he suddenly gets arrested in a fake certificate scam. Arjun comes out on bail and to his shock, finds out that a big mafia is behind all this.

Who is Arjun Lenin Suravaram?

Arjun Lenin Suravaram (Nikhil Siddarth) is an investigative journalist who works for a small television channel and has a heart of gold. His father (Nagireddy), also a journalist, believes in old-school methods and ethics of journalism and does not want his son to be a part of the dirty, corrupted, changing landscape.

Arjun Suravaram Movie Review And Rating | Nikhil Siddharth | Lavanya Tripathi | Mr. B

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